Chapter 5

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It had been several weeks since I started working at this mental facility but it didn't really seem like much was changing. Yet again, that could be flipped because there was obvious progress with Y/N and her condition but it seemed that it was always a roller coaster. Some days Y/N was just fine but others it seemed like she was at her worst. You never knew what it would be the next day going in but that was what I signed up for. The more I spent time with the taller girl the more my feelings started to grow for her. I tried to keep them at bay but I would always catch myself staring for too long for my touches stayed against her body longer than needed. One thing I could be grateful about though was that Y/N didn't seem to mind at all. Or I don't think she even really noticed it but either way I was still flying under her radar.

Today had been one of her worst days, and as I walked in the door of my apartment I sighed and immediately collapsed on my couch out of exhaustion. After a couple minutes of just cooling off I sat up to take my doctor's coat and shoes off. I put the coat on the back of the couch before grabbing the remote and turning on the TV. I picked out a random show and tried to relax myself from the stressful day. The longer I watched TV the more I didn't want to get up. Before I ruled it out though I stood from my spot so I could change into comfier clothes and grab some junk food and drinks. I placed everything on the coffee table and started mindlessly eating as random shows popped up on the TV.

I checked the time on my phone to see it was almost ten o'clock at night. I had only been home for like three hours and I already wanted to go to bed. I moved everything off the couch before cuddling into a pillow and laying on my stomach. I could feel myself dozing off to sleep but there was something keeping me awake. It started to get later and later in the night but as soon as I felt myself starting to drift off to sleep my phone started to ring where it was sitting on the coffee table. I jumped from my spot slightly at the loud ringing and I cursed to myself. I reached for the phone and eventually answered it, placing it against my ear. "Hello?" My voice came out extremely groggy and raspy.

"Dr. Jauregui we need you here as soon as possible, your patient has stolen a security guard's gun." I could hear the frantic voice of our receptionist rush her words out in a whisper. I could hear screaming on the other side of the line as I jumped up from my spot, immediately grabbing my keys and my shoes. I ran out to the rental car and got in so I could start speeding towards the hospital.

"I'm on my way but whatever you do, do not call the police! I will handle it. Just don't provoke her, I'm almost there." I hung up the phone and raced towards the mental facility as fast as I could. My heart was practically beating out of my chest. I didn't know what to expect and honestly I didn't know Y/N could be capable of something like this. It almost felt like I was about to throw up. I made it to the facility in record time and didn't even bother parking the rental car before I ran inside. The first thing I saw was about four security guards surrounding who I knew was Y/N. The receptionist was cowered in the corner trying to protect herself. There were other faculty members trying to keep patients out of harms way but for the most part the middle of the scene was the guards surrounding my patient.

I ran towards them and when I got a better look I could see Y/N with the gun pointed at anyone that tried to get closer to her. She was clearly crying hysterically with her tears running down her face and a look of pain spreading across her features. Every sound of despair made my heart clench even more. "Get the fuck away from me!" Y/N screamed and sobbed loudly. "Get the fuck away or I'll shoot!" I pushed my way past the bodies so that I came face to face with the taller girl. She pointed the gun at me causing me to hold my hands up. I kneeled down so we were face level.

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