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So, I'm loving writing this story in the format I've chosen and structuring it like a TV show. It's freed up both my voice and my imagination. One of the downsides, though, is character reveals take time, especially when you have an ensemble cast of nine.

There's so much more you'll learn about these kids as you delve deeper into the series. However, there are times when I either miss a chance to dig deeper because, remember, this is a first draft, or I don't have room to explore a moment as much as I'd like because I have to keep up the pace of the story.

Given this, there are a few of ways I'm going to try and address this:

1) The Otherworlder FAQ - Please do check it out when you have time. I use it to consolidate particularly interesting reader questions and elements of the story that have a history but they just won't fit into the narrative. I'll update it continually and try to indicate when it's been updated so if you've read earlier questions, you can jump back in and check out the new ones when you want.

2) I'm going to start adding character profiles as an addendum to the story. These won't be filled out all at once; but rather, added over time. For example, in Episode 4.7 - The Element of Surprise, I realized (after I'd published) that I'd missed an opportunity to give Fiona her full due. I had her in a typically cranky mood and not being very nice to Cameron. But that scene wasn't fully developed because, aside from being wary of Cameron's flirting with her which is understandable, I failed to show how her seeing Ava and Farid flirting across the courtyard would totally contribute to her foul mood. (I have since rectified this scene) You see, on a first pass, I sometimes miss these chances to show you the full context surrounding a character's actions. And while I plan to layer these things in when I edit, I think building out character profiles will help give you more insight into them when reading this first draft. This is all experimental, so we'll see how it goes. (DO LET ME KNOW IF YOU THINK THEY ADD VALUE TO THE STORY!)

3) I have a really big surprise coming that I hope you'll enjoy as much as I will (if all goes well.) It's a longer-term Otherworlder project that I plan to introduce at the start of the new year (knock on wood.) I think it will add a very rich layer to the story and compliment the way I've chosen to tell it...but, we'll see. :-)

Okay, enough babbling. Now, for my first profile - Fiona Campbell. I'm starting with her because I think she's gotten short-shift from readers and from me, to be honest. She's not putting her best foot forward and many of her moments will come much later in the series. She's not particularly pleasant, but she will get better with time...well, sort of. In any event, it's time to dig a little deeper and see what she's all about. Next chapter, the first in a series - Fiona Kelsey Campbell.

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