Prologue 1

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      That morning things were rather normal, nothing could be considered out of the ordinary. Just another ordinary day in the small town of Sharnwick. Men, and some women, were waking up and heading off to work. Stay at home mothers were busy cooking up a large breakfast for their children and husbands. Shop owners were opening up, ready for the steady flow of fairies that would enter their shops. There was children out playing in the streets as their mothers would purchase fresh goods at the markets, shop in the shops, and converse with friends. Some children were walking to the school, while others were flying with their parents or older siblings. Yes, it was quite the normal morning.

     That morning Nerida had woken up with intense growing pains in her back, and therefore her mother allowed her to stay home. Her mother knew all too well the excruciating pain that came with the growing in of wings. Nerida, at the age of six, as most little girls and boys was beginning to grow in her wings. Fairies are not born with wings, the wings start to grow in between the ages six and seven, and finish growing in at about eight or nine years of age. But as with all things some are early growers and some are late.

     Nerida was a single child and lived in a quaint little house with her parents. She had no siblings, but she was fine with that, she had her friends to keep her company. Nerida didn't want a younger sibling anyway, she was afraid it would take away all her parent's love. Nerida had many friends, of all different backgrounds, and never noticed that people thought she would be lonely as a only child. She was so content with her situation she didn't even realize her parents' futile attempts to tell her they were expecting another child.

     As the only child the young couple had Nerida's parents were delighted to find that she was a perfect mix of them. Nerida had her mother's fine white hair and delicate voice; she had her father's light skin tone and smile. She held herself with the same proud and tall posture her mother did, but she became as laid back as her father. Nerida had the same elvish features that her mother did, a round elegant face and slightly pointed ears. Her eyes were the same pale blue that her father's had been when he was her age, almost everyone was positive they would darken to the exact red that her father's were when she was older. 

     A few hours after school Nerida's friends had come over to check up on her. By then the pain had faded away and Nerida wanted to go out and play. Her mother reluctantly agreed, as long as Nerida promised to not go anywhere but the park and to be back before two hours had passed, and most important of all, that she would not go anywhere near the forest. In two hours the sun would be setting and thirty minutes later it would be dark out. Nerida eagerly agreed and off she went to play with her three friends.

     For the first hour only being allowed to play in the park was just fine for the group. Soon enough though they wanted to go somewhere else, and although Nerida promised she wouldn't leave she wanted to. Many suggestions were thrown in by the group, but not everyone wanted to do the thing that someone else did. The children were about ready to just give up and go home, until the more daring of the group spoke up. "Why not go and explore in the forest? None of us know what's in there, so why not find out?" The daring one, named Eolande, suggested. "We don't know what's in there, because our parents say we can't go in." A more timid friend, Naida, spoke up. "Who cares, it's not like it's dangerous! C'mon guys! You're with me on this Nerida, right?" Dulcin, another friend, exclaimed. "U-Um, I guess, but we can't stay for long." Nerida nervously agreed.

     That decision was one Nerida came to regret.

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