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It was finally time. My first day of high school. A totally different school with totally different people. The best part about it: it was an all boys private school. Every school ive tried to go to I was forced to leave, for distracting the ladies.

I walked up to the front gates and flipped my hair. Opening the gates I walked into the school and to the office. I peaked in the office and the lady at the desk smiled and waved me in. I walked up to her.

"Name?" She asked.

"Garoth, Garoth Ro'mave." I spoke.

The lady smiled at gave me a piece of paper.

"The principals office is to the left but wait out side hes dealing with someone." She spoke rolling her eyes.

I smiled at her and I walked to the office. I stood infront of the door and I was curious now. I peaked through the window and was taken aback when I saw something thrown at the door. I jumped back and peaked in again. A boy with brown hair stood facig the prinicipal. He held a pocket knife in hand and was throwing stuff at him. The boy turned his head in my direction and I jumped back. His eyes were a dark green and his expression was cold. He walked up to the door and flew it open. He glared at me and turned his head to the prinicipal.

"Ill be back later."

His voice was a little husky and he sounded pissed. He walked passed me and glared. I glared right back at him and he smirked. I felt my face turn a little white and he walked away. I walked into the prinicipals office and watched him put stuff away. I picked up a lamp off the floor and placed it on his desk.

"Thank you." He smiled.

I returned the smile and he sat down at his desk.

"Take a seat."

I sat down on a chair in front of him and he rolled his eyes.

"Don't mind Laurence but please do avoid him he may come from a rich family but he has a very bad temper." The principal said.

I nodded my head and he countiuned,

"Anyways your Mr. Ro'maves son aren't you. If I was you I would start heading to class." He spoke.

He placed a schedule in front of me and I picked it up walking towards the door I turned back and spoke,

"Thank you very much."

He nodded his head and I opened up the door and left. I looked at my schedule and headed for my first class.


I sat in my first class and looked around there were so many people. I made sure to sit at the back where no one could see me. I heard the door slam open and my gaze turned to it. It was that Laurence kid. He looked around and classroom and when he noticed me he began walking to me. He sat down in the seat beside me and I heard him laugh a bit. He poked my shoulder and I took a deep breath to face him.

"So your new huh?" He questioned me.

"Yes." I replied.

I looked over at him and he was smirking. I turned away from him face a little red and I went back to my work. That was the only time he talked to me in class. Throughout the rest of class I anwsered all the questions asked. People seemed to be getting annoyed since the teacher kept picking me everytime I raised my hand. Laurence kept looking at me but I ignored him. After the class finished I was one of the last to leave. Before I left I felt a light tap on my shoulder. It was one of the other boys in my class.

"Hey your pretty smart aren't you?" He stated.

"Why yes I consider myself so." I stated.


I felt his fist hit my jaw and I feel to the ground. I grunted in pain and stood up. The boy kicked me to the ground and I went tumbling down. I looked up and he smiled.

"We don't like goody toe shoes in our class." He replied.

He smashed his foot into my face and I felt blood falling from my nose. He put his foot up and tried to smash it down into my face again but he was stopped. Someone came out of no where and tackled him to the ground. I looked up and noticed it was Laurence.


I noticed Laurence take out his pocket knife and he held it against the kids neck. I laid on the ground helplessly.

"Touch him again and I slit your neck." Laurence growled.

I heard a scream and foot steps running out of the room. I coughed up a bit of blood and tried to push myself up. I fet someone grab my arm and pull me up. I looked down at the ground as I fell into his chest.

"Thanks..." I muttered.

I heard him grunted a bit and he held me tight. I heard the door slam open and I looked over to see the principal. He ran over to me and yanked me away from Laurence.

"Laurence!" He yelled.

"It wasn't him!" I yelled back.

The prinicipal gave me a strange look and glared at Laurence.

"Lets go." He stated.

"Wait a second! It wasn't him though." I yelled.

"Its okay Garoth if hes threatening you about telling someone I wont let him hurt you. You can tell me the truth." The prinicipal spoke softly.

"But he didn't do it." I stated.

The teacher rolled his eyes and put me down on the ground.

"Ill be right back touch him and we will have you locked up for a long time." He stated.

He ran out of room and slammed the door behind me. I got up off the ground and stood on my feet. I felt myself lose my balance and I fell but I felt someone catch me. I looked up and noticed Laurence holdjng me. He picked me up bridal style and I felt my heart beating fast. It was strange that I was so shy around this boy. It almost felt like I was in love with him. I felt my face become even more red. I felt him tilt up my head and I looked at him.

"This is the first time Ive felt this way about a boy." Laurence chuckled.

"Same..." I mumbled.

I noticed Laurence smirk and he leaned in for a kiss. I felt his sweet lips clash with mine and I felt good. I heard the door slam open and who ever opened it gasped in shock. I felt my face even more red and I looked at the door way.

"Well I guess it couldn't have been Laurence." The prinicipal spoke.

He walked out again and closed the door. We both chuckled and from then on began a new romance.

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