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          1. I've literally renamed everyone except for Parker, Cameron, and Rose (although I did change last names) and here's a list in case you were interested (or not):

          Parker Faydn ➝ Parker Henderson
          Tucker Murphy ➝ Nicolas Pérez
          Cameron Hale ➝ Cameron Hale
          Dean Parker ➝ Leonardo Parker
          Stacie Mage ➝ Heather Turner
          Jo Preston ➝ Hailee White
          Brianna Thomas ➝ Olivia Madsen
          Bree Adams ➝ Sunny Choi
          Erica Gordon ➝ Phailin "Milk" Wattanapanit
          Victoria Whitaker ➝ Victoria Martinez
          Jiro Drexel ➝ Liam Kim

          2. This story has taken four years to complete.

          3. Leonardo is loosely based on my ex-boyfriend, and even the way Parker and him met is actually similar to the way I met him. Nicolas is also based on my high school crush's personality.

          4. In the original version Arcadia, Maine was actually Cedar Lake, Maine. ( Also, I have never been to Maine before. I've actually never left the state I live in.)

          5. I still have my original rough drafts and sometimes read it to see how far I can go without cringing. (Not far).

          6. The original story was written in first person.

          7. I originally planned to make this supernatural but soon learned I'm not that great at being creative.

          8. The whole half-brother thing between Nico and Leo never happened in the original. In the original, Leo hated Nico because Nico used to sleep with the girl's he was interested in (which was actually a lie in the rewritten version that Leo came up with) and would tell girls that the only way he would date them is if they asked Leo's permission. By the time they asked, Leo would already be interested in them.

          9. In the original, Milk was supposed to be this super aggressive, hard-core female that hated Nico; and Liam was supposed to be this tech geek that had a huge crush on Cameron. Milk and Liam also weren't as close in the original, they were just forced to hang out with one another.

          10. Victoria in the original was obsessed with Parker to the point she tries killing Cameron and Nico out of jealousy. 

          11. Heather was supposed to know what her dad was doing, and was going to be killed by Victoria too.

          12. I never explained it well, but the reason Doctor Turner used Dante to kill everyone and not his other son (who isn't mentioned much) is because Heather's brother was off at college and didn't show much interest in the family legacy. Doctor Turner knew he fathered a child with Leo's mother, and contacted Dante. Dante had a festering hate for his mother, knowing she used to sleep around with married men, and so craved a relationship with his father. Doing anything his father wanted. Even dating Cameron to find out about her grandmother Angelica, and killing Rose.

          13. Sunny's connection to the three main families also isn't explained much. But an ancestor of hers was one of Rose's friends hung from the willow tree.

          14. In the original version Parker ended up with Leo. (I even still debate whether she should've ended up with anyone. But I think Nico fits her better. At least, in this version he does.)

          15. Rose wasn't supposed to die.

          16. In the original version, Cameron was a lot more likable and nicer, and became best friends with Parker after Parker defended her from being slut shamed.

          17. Nico's character was originally rude, aggressive, and sexually assaulted and harassed Parker on more than one occasion. And he hated Leo; there was honestly nothing redeemable about his character, he was awful.

          18. Pretty much a whole bunch of characters didn't exist: Dante, Nico's entire family, Doctor Turner and his entire family. And I had this weird sub-plot where an Uncle of Parker's comes to live with her after Rose gets in the accident, and she tries to set him up with her English teacher. I don't know where I was going with that honestly. I dumped the idea after two or so chapters.

          19. Cameron originally was supposed to end up with Liam, obviously she didn't.

          20. My most commented on chapter is chapter thirty-two; because, that was the point in which I quit writing the story and so I had an influx of messages telling me to 'update' and that I was being 'rude' and 'mean' to the readers for not updating. I used to stare at it in inspiration at the beginning of the re-writing process.

          21. Victoria wasn't supposed to kill herself. I planned on letting her live and just have gone missing with Parker never recovering from it; but looking over it, I didn't want to have an open ending for it because that would lead people to suspect that there could be a squeal. Trust me, there won't be a squeal or a spin-off. It was pretty hard for me to even finish this story and not give up...again.



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          WELP, I GUESS THIS is it, The Dare Games has finally come to an end. After four years, I can hardly believe it. I'm almost shocked that I even managed to finish it. When I first started I was fourteen and wrote this book when I was bored, and pretty much as a fantasy on an easy way to get into college without trying. Obviously, it's become so much more than that, and I truly can't contain my feelings about how far this has come.

          This story has reached the top ten in Mystery/Thriller, has 120k + reads, and has been featured. I don't even know where to begin with how thankful I am. Honestly, the fact that anyone ever read this is a mystery to me. In the beginning it was such trash and total cringe. Even now, it feels like there are some parts that could be better (that ending for one) and there are probably multiple plot-holes that need to be fixed. Yet, right now, I'm just extremely happy.

          I finally finished this story.

          I mean, this is a story I quit for two years because I got tired of it, and decided to randomly rewrite in late 2016 for no real reason. I don't even know what compelled me to keep editing this because it was so bad but I did it, and I'm proud. And I'm extremely thankful to anyone who finished this, stuck with this, or even glanced over this. I know how hard it is for writers to get anywhere on this website, or anywhere in general, and to think I've come this far is truly heartwarming.

          I can't believe it's finally come to an end, where I no longer have to write about Parker, and her crazy life. Nor do I have to worry about updating in time to please everyone. It's finished. It's complete. I thought about writing other bonus chapters but honestly, I feel like everything that needs to be said: has been said. (But I may, though this is not a guarantee, that I might come back and write a drabble or two in the future.)

          Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving this once shitty now not as shitty book a chance. <3

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