chapter 4

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"Princess I have some food for you," we were currently sitting all in the living room.

Grey to my right, kenz to my left and fluffy just walked in with a tray.

"But fluffy, I need a change," I said as the men chuckled near me.

"Alright girly," he said as a he grabbed a bag from the corner.


While we waited for 'fluffy' to get her bag, Mia grabbed kenz's hand and wrapped her lips around his thumb.

She began to suck innocently but I already saw that boner forming.

He looked up at me with a perplexed face.

He looked constipated.

Everest began to lift up the shirt that was on Mia to change her.

She instantly bended her legs into a diamond form with her pink underwear on display.

"Oh fuck" I heard kenz swear as his boner grew and grew.

The tiny girl continued on sucking kenz's finger while Everest began changing her.

Kenz look at me perplexed all I could do was chuckle at him.

Mia moved her body after being changed and sat down on my lap.

"Alright girly, lets eat," Everest said.

Music played in the background from Everest's phone.

Mia giggles and clapped and danced along the music.

She jumped and wiggled while sitting on my lap.

Instead of me chuckling I was the one looking perplexed and all horny and kenz was chuckling at me.

Everest walked in and looked at me with sympathy as he noticed what Mia was doing.

He pulled her off me.

"Excuse me men and my princess but I have to go and have a shower..." I said

Kenz and Everest smirked at me while Mia looked at me innocently which was not helping my situation.

I climbed up the stairs and into to the bathroom.

I stripped down of my clothes and and went under the water.

I was still hard and the feeling of her little smooth ass grinding on my dick while sucking onto kenz only made me harder.

I slowly found myslef touching my dick.

"Well what do we have here grey," I heard a deep voice say.

I was shocked to see kenz standing in the bathroom and his bulge on display.

"W-what are you d-doing," I asked surprised.

"Let me help you I mean, like we did when we were young,"

He walked up to me and cupped my dick.

His eyes were dark and so were mine.

He thrust his toung into my mouth and grinded on me.

"Daddies are sharing qooties!" Is all we heard before a wide eyes Everest and baby Mia on his hip burst through the door.

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