Bonus Chapter!!!

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"Riley I'm home!" I yelled entering the house with Dominic in tow holding all of the groceries.

"Mommy!" She squealed and ran into my arms. Yes, Riley is now five years old. Dominic coughed behind me.

She turned her attention to him. "I'd give you a hug daddy but you're holding something and I don't want you to drop anything."

Awww she's such a sweetheart! Dominic put all the stuff down and opened his arms wide. Riley grinned and ran up to him.

Sooo cute! I slowly took out my phone and started taking pictures. "Mommy, daddy! Uncle Blakey took a nap on the bottom of the stairs while we were playing tag!"

Dominic sighed. "He's really clumsy I swear!"

Riley gasped, "Daddy you just sweared! That's bad right Mommy? You told me swearing is bad!"

I looked at him and grinned, "Yeah, that's really, really bad! We should punish him!" Riley grinned as well.

We turned around at the same time and yelled, "Dominic! Time out!!!"

"I need to go help Blake!" He whined.

"Excuses, excuses dad!" She smirked. I sighed, she acts just like me! *cries* I knew this day would come!

"Mommy can I be leader of da mission?"

"Of course you can! But first let him help uncle Blakey okay?"

"Maya wh-"

"Quiet daddy, you're in trouble for swearing! After you help uncle Blakey, you're going straight to bed and no desert! That will be your punishment!" Riley declared.

Dominic's face was priceless, "Riley you wouldn't do that to your own father would you?"

"I can and I will! Now help uncle Blakey!"

"Maya, honey, aren't you going to say something?" He gave me a pleading look. He loves Blake's desert.

"Sorry hun but Riley's In charge."

He pouted and went to help Blake.
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