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This is what the story was supposed to be for chapter 1 and also the title:

Unicorns rule, bad guys aren't cool!

Chapter 1

"Chilling in my pj's! Chilling in my pj's! Chilling in my unicorn pj's!" I repeated over and over.

"Ahh!!!!" I hear my mom yell in a kitchen followed by a thud.

"Ma! You okay?!" I shouted. "I'm sure she's okay." I said to myself while drawing a unicorn in my sketch book. Great! I'm almost done.

Then my door creak open and I heard footsteps. Probably just my mom.

"Hey mom, you okay, I heard you fell in the kitchen."I said while looking for my eraser.

"Last time I checked, I wasn't your mom." A deep voice said behind me.

"Oh cool" I said not really paying attention but looking for my damn eraser. Where is it?!

Then it was followed by silence. Then I blink slowly.

"Ahhaa!!!" I shouted.

"Finally!" He said.

"I found it! Man, I gotta stop misplacing the thing." I said going back to drawing my unicorn.

"For the love of all humanity!" He cried and ripped the unicorn page out of my sketch book and ripped it to pieces. Then he grabbed the eraser I was using and threw it out the window. I should inform you that was my last eraser that costs three bucks.

Expensive, I know. But in my defense, it's a really good eraser.

My eyes widen as i turned around. Not because the guy standing in front of is hot, its because he ripped my drawing that I was almost done with.

I did a deep growl glaring so hard at the guy but he didnt seem fazed of of that which got me more angry.

Oh that's it boy, you gonna get it!!!

"Why'd you do that?"I said in a low but calm voice.

" Oh my fucking gosh! Hello?! I broke into your house and knocked out your mom!"

"You knocked out my mom? I thought she would of invited you in or something." I said sarcastically.

Boom! Another reason I'm gonna kick this guys ass. Even though he's like really taller and more muscular than me, I'm pretty sure I can take him.

Something in me snapped and I tackled him with as much force as I can muster. I caught him of guard so he fell on his back with a groan.

"Hoped that hurt bitch!" I screamed in his face. Then I started punching him repeatedly. I do pack a good punch if I do say so myself. Flexes some imaginary muscles.

He just laid there groaning in pain. What can I say, I got me some unicorn powers.

Then another hot guy came into my room. He looked at me, to the guy on the ground, and to me again.

"Uhh..." he said awkwardly not knowing what to do.

"Uh don't just stand there like a idiot you are and get her!" He screamed while trying to get up.

"Don't you dare." I said glaring at that person. But the wierd part was he was smiling. Ooo, something bad us gonna happen... I can just feel it.

Yup, and something bad did happen. The guy who walked in grabbed me while the other guy (who I just punched in the face repeatedly) grabbed my sketch book.

"You wouldn't..." I said trying to break free of the guys grasp.

"Oh, but I would sweetheart." Then he ripped it one by one.

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