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The moment had finally came. All my effort had ended when he grasped my small frame and brought me to the ground.

My mind barely registered the below freezing ground as his teeth started to clamp around my thigh. My free leg frantically tried to kick him off, ignoring the searing pain, but he was too stubborn.

I thought the pain would be bearable with the adrenaline pumping in my veins but my body had no more energy to fight anymore. My kicks slowed as his strong jaw only bit down harder on my right hamstring.

My mind already started to picture a pool of blood seeping into the snow, turning it into a dark red. I knew the delicate fabric of my dress already absorbed the thick liquid and was trickling upwards towards the material at my waistline.

I couldn't help but scream when I heard a loud crack from my leg. My vision was starting to cloud with black spots but I could still feel his sharp canines digging into my thigh.

I was relieved when the pressure was removed but he only crawled on my chest as if he wanted to suffocate me. His sharp nails were digging into my torso, surely puncturing my skin.

With one quick movement, he came for my face bringing me into a peaceful darkness.

-So this book is finally completed. Hopefully you guys enjoyed it because I honestly enjoyed writing it and I'm glad I continued.

Bye, my smol last bugs-

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