Chapter I

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"Okay, two more poses and we'll wrap up this photoshoot." The photographer said as she's striking some poses.

"Hold that pose. Good angle"

"One last pose. You're doing great."


The sound of the shutter indicates the end of the photoshoot. Everyone had a good time in the session especially to the person whom they used as a subject.

"Thank you, sir. For having me as your model." Jisoo said and bowed.

"You did an incredible job, Jisoo. Can't believe you're still new at this job. I think if we'll release this, many would get interested with your modelling career." The manager said.

"I hope so, too, sir. I'm really thankful." She said and smiled.

The manager invited her to eat on restaurant but she refused it. Someone's waiting for her outside and she can't wait to meet her up.

She grabbed all her things and made her way outside. She saw the person sitting on a bench listening music using an earphone.

She decided not to go to her place yet, she texts her instead.

Enjoying the music, eh?

She typed and pressed the send button.

Seconds passed and person looked to her phone and she looks around finally noticing Jisoo.

"How's your photoshoot?" The person asked as they went to the car.

"It was good. I had so much fun. A stepping stone to my dreams." Jisoo said with a big smile on her face.

"I'm happy for you, babe." The person replied looking proudly at her girlfriend.

"I also can't wait to call you 'Attorney Jennie Kim', babe." She said and kissed Jennie on her cheeks.

"Sounds sexy, right? Attorney Jennie Kim." Jisoo teased her girlfriend.

"Professional model Kim Jisoo sounds more sexy for me." Jennie winked at her girl and immediately focused her eyes on the road.

"I'll be your first client. 'Cause police will catch me for stealing your heart." Jisoo said and Jennie can't help herself not to cringe.

"That line is too mainstream, babe. So cheesy. Well, I guess if you'll be my first client with that case, I'm going to lose. That's bad for a beginner lawyer." Jennie chuckled.

"Why? You're not going to defend me?" Jisoo said.

"Nope. Not at all. 'Cause if that's the case, you'll be guilty as charged." Jennie said moving her brows up and down.

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