Chapter II

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Jennie went straight to her condo after she drove Jisoo home. Looking at her study table realizing that there are still many books she has to read. She graduated from Law school recently and now she's preparing for her Bar examination.

Attorney Jennie Kim.

That what motivates her to continue even when she's tired for all of these books already.

She went to her closet and picked up a sweater and shorts. Made her way to the bathroom to wash up. After that, she made her hair into a messy bun and used her specs.

"Time to study." She said to herself.

She was about to take her book when someone message her.

From: Jisoo❤️

Don't overwork yourself too much. Make sure to have a proper sleep. You can do it, Attorney! Hwaiting😘

A curve was automatically formed in to her lips. That simple message was an energy booster to her.

Thank you, babe. Don't skip your dinner. Not because you're a model now it doesn't mean to have a diet, okay? Nyeongan!

She replied.

"Time to study. For real."

She sighed deeply and started to read the book. She looks determined. Of course, she wanted to make her parents and girlfriend proud of her.

She pursued law because she wanted to help those innocent people who were accused falsely. And she wanted to change this fucked up justice system.

Her eyes started to fall down and she kept on yawning. She looked up to the clock, 10:30. She stood up and streched a little bit.

Gravity acted and she fell down on her bed and drifted off to sleep.


Jennie woke up because she felt her bed was shaking. She got up suddenly and was nervous. She thought it was an intesity 7 earthquake, but it was all Seulgi's stupid actions.

"Ya! You barged into my room and woke me up. What the hell, Kang! I need more sleep." Jennie said looking annoyed.

"It's 9 already, Kim. Stop being a lazy little brat and let's play overwatch." Seulgi said.

"You came here just to play?! Are you even real?" She groaned.

"I just wanted to have a bonding moment with my bestfriend. But if you want me to go, okay. I'm going to bring these pancakes and iced coffee with me." Seulgi said acting like she was hurt.

"No, no, comeback. I was just kidding Seul." Jennie said while stopping her from going outside.

Pancakes and Iced coffee? She doesn't want to miss those precious food.
She missed her bestfriend, no jam bestfriend.

Jisoo texted her saying she can't meet her up today because she has a schedule. Jennie understands. Luckily, Seulgi is here to accompany her throughout this day.

"Before we eat, can you like take a bath? You smell! And wait, there's a drool in your face." Seulgi laughed at her.

Jennie threw a pillow on Seulgi's face and ran immediately to the bathroom.

"Fuck you!" She heard coming from Seulgi.

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