Chapter III

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Jisoo did receive many invitations for having her as their model. Who wouldn't get her? A beauty with attitude. A total package.

She has an urgent schedule today so she texted Seulgi first to accompany Jennie in her condo. And then she texted the latter to inform her she has a shoot today.

Commercial shoot with a Korea's boy group iKon.

Even though she doesn't want to be clingy with these boys on the shoot as per in the script, she has to do it. She should be professional on her job.

After many hours of filming, they are now done. She looked to her watch, 7:45 pm.

"Thanks for today, Miss Kim. Hoping to work with you again." The head of the team said.

"Thank you, sir." She said and bowed showing a shy smile.

A moment later, someone approached her. Jisoo recalled his name. It was Bobby, one of the members of iKon.

"Hey, Jisoo-ssi. Are you alone? We can have a dinner and take you home." He said.

"Thank you but I have to turn down your offer. Someone's on her way to fetch me." Jisoo said.

"Is that so? But where is that person now? Maybe atleast you can give me your numb-"

Bobby was cut off when someone came

"Hi there babe. Sorry to keep you waiting. It was a bit traffic over the city." Jennie said and kissed Jisoo's cheek.

"Uh okay. I must go now. Bye, Jisoo." Bobby felt embarrassed at that moment and he hurriedly went to his members.

"Poor dog. He suddenly got afraid when he saw a cat." Jennie smirked.

"Ya! He's just being friendly. Such possessive attorney you are." Jisoo said and pinched Jennie on her cheeks.

"Friendly my ass. He was obviously flirting with you." Jennie pouted.

They arrived at the car park and Jennie went to open first the passenger seat door and turn to get herself inside the driver seat.

"Irene unnie and Seulgi is already in the restaurant already. Samgyeopsal night it is!" Jennie said as she started to drive.

"Unnie and Seulgi would join us to dinner? Sounds good." Jisoo said happily.

The music coming from the stereo is the only thing that can be heard in the car. They are not talking to each other but they know too well that the silence isn't defeaning in fact it was comfortable.

They parked the car and made their way to the restaurant. Seulgi and Irene are waving their hands so they can be easily spotted.

"Finally, you're here. This bear is getting impatient and is now starving." Irene said.

"What do you expect? It's already 8:15. My stomache is grumbling so long." Seulgi said and she started to dig in on her food.

Irene and Seulgi spent their time cooking the meat while they were waiting for the couple to arrive.

"So, how's your shoot?" Irene said. Jisoo's half sister.

"It was good unnie. Quiet tiring but I had fun." Jisoo said.

Their dinner was going smoothly. Not until those two, Seulgi and Jennie, started to fight for the last piece of meat.

"Stop acting like a child. It's just a piece of meat for pete's sake!" Irene said to those two making them to stop. She held up her chopsticks and she took the meat and ate it.

The two just groaned and Jisoo just chuckled witnessing what was happening.

"Thank you for joining us guys despite you being busy." Irene said.

"It's nothing, unnie. We have to treat you too next time." Jennie said.

"Jis, are coming home with me or nah?" Irene asked her.

Jisoo shrugs and said no to Irene. She's going to stay on Jennie's place tonight. Might as well have their quality time toning.

They now bid their goodbyes and separated ways.

The two arrived at the condo already. They started to wash themselves and get ready to sleep. They're wearing some matchy pj's.

"You don't have to review for tonight. Consider this day as your rest day, okay?" Jisoo said as she cuddled her Jendeukie.

"Okay, babe. You're now becoming busy so I'm going to take this opportunity to have time with you. No more books for tonight, only you." Jennie said and pecked a kiss on her.

"Wanna watch a movie?" She asked.

"Nope. We're going to cuddle until we dose off to sleep." Jennie said and wraps her arms more to her.

"I love you, attorney."

"Love you babe."

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