Chapter IV

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Jennie's doing the same routine for the past few weeks. Reading piles of books, taking notes as much as possible. Nobody pressures her but she's just determined on passing the examination.

She slams her book harshly on the table. She was just determined earlier and now she's all sick of it.


That night was the last since she saw Jisoo. They often talked through phone and if there's a chance they would video call.

Jisoo is now slowly making a big name on her career. An agency called her and offered her to be starring on a music video. And many companies get her as their model.

She's been busy like a bee. Jennie wanted her to take lunch or dinner sometimes but the latter is so busy she couldn't find time to be with her. But Jisoo made sure she texts or calls Jennie if she has break time or free time.

To: Kang Sluggie

Hey, Seul! Are you up for playing overwatch or movie marathon? Save me from this boredomness.

She thought of inviting Seulgi at her place. Her phone made a sound signaling a message notification.

From: Kang Sluggie

Can't Jennie. I have to be with Irene today at her appointment. Sorry! Maybe next time.

"Great, just great!" Jennie said.

Because everyone's busy she went to her bed. Right after she closed her eyes someone called her.

She hesitated to answer it at first because it came from an unknown number.

J: Hello. Who's this?

Caller: It's me Lalisa!

J:Oh hey Lisa. What's up?

L: Just wanna ask if you're free tonight.We had set up a party from an exclusive bar.

Jennie thought about it first whether she'll agree or not.

L: Jennie, are you still there?

J: Yes. Okay, I'm up for that. Let me know the address.

L: Great! Gonna send you a message after this. Byee!

And by that she hangs up. She texted Jisoo first informing she'd go to her friend's place.

"Lisa is such a life saver. It's been a while since I got to go to club." Jennie said excitedly.

It's still early so she decide to take a nap before going to the said party.

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