Eli & Aeryn: Twenty

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E: "Psssst. Aeryn."

A: "..."

E: "Pssst."

A: "..."

E: "Aeryn!"

A: "Stop flicking bits of rubber at me!"

E: "What's the answer to question three?"

A: "Eli! We're in a test!"

E: "I need the answer to question three."

A: "You can't talk in a test!"

E: "You're talking."

A: "I - but-"

E: "Question threeeeeeee."

A: "Miss will hear us!"

E: "Nah, look at her, she's engulfed in her cheesy romance novel."

A: "I'm going to murder you."

E: "You can't do that, no one can make fantastic beverages like me."

A: "...I'll resurrect you every Tuesday."

E: "It really would be easier to just give me the answer."

A: "The answer is 7.5!"

E: "Now, Aeryn, was that so hard?"

A: "I hate you, so much."

E: "I'm sure you do. Now stop talking, you're not allowed to talk during tests."

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