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Everything was completely white.

That wasn’t exactly what I thought death would be like, I thought it would have a far more…solid. Something that I could see and feel. But no, it was pure and blinding white.

There was a soft clicking noise to my right and when I looked there was a black and gold wolf that came up higher than my waist. There was an intricate golden fur sunburst pattern across her back, from the base of her neck to the base of her tail. She looked up at me with her sad gold eyes.

I ran my fingers through the soft fur on the top of her head. “I’m sorry, girl,” I whispered, wishing that we weren’t here.

She pressed her muzzle into my side and replied in my mind, “You didn’t have any other choice. I’m sorry, too. I shouldn’t have pushed you two together, I just really want my mate.

“I know, I don’t blame you for anything. I want my mate too,” I told her, sitting on what I assumed must be the floor, since I haven’t plummeted to my death yet.

“You will, my daughter,” a soft, melodious voice said behind me. I turned to look over my shoulder and saw the most beautiful women that I have ever laid eyes on. Her auburn hair flowed down her back in gentle curls and looked like it was stranded with silver. A white gown flowed over her body, modestly hugging her curves and hemmed at her knees. Gold gladiator sandals adorned her feet and a gold bow and quiver were slung across her back.

My mind instantly clicked and I hurried to my feet while keeping my gaze down casted. “My deepest apologies, Moon Goddess. I did not see you there,” I said, showing respect to the goddess who created me and my family.

An angelic laughter filled the room and a finger found its way under my chin to lift my face up. “Child, I admire your respect, but we are not here to discuss the lengths of which you do so. We are here to talk of what will become of you now,” she explained softly, as though I may explode at any moment.

What was going to happen to me now? Was I dead? Gods, what was going to happen now?

She laughed again and took a step away from me. “Anyhow, let us jump right into it. Do you know the story of your lineage?”

I shook my head, and she launched into the story about how my ancestor was mated to a cheater and a thief and when she found out she left and was gifted with another mate from the goddess by a sacrifice from a witch. Apparently, I had a second mate out there waiting for me. Millions of question were thrumming through my head but there was only that I cared about enough to ask.

“Does Brettly get another mate as well?” I asked, while stroking my wolf fur while her head rested on my lap. During her tale we both sat down, and now my wolf was contently listening and looked as though she would fall asleep at any moment.

Another laugh escaped her lips. “You truly are a treasure to behold, my child. Any other woman if I had said they had a second soul mate would be bombarding me with questions of who they are and what they are like, yet not you. As of your first ancestor, there have only been two other cases of this occurring; your grandmother and you. The first chose his own mate, I did not give her to him. Your grandmothers was less lucky and as far as I am aware he is still alive and mateless. As far as your mate goes, I have yet to decide if he will be bestowed another woman.”

“Please,” I turned my body to face her and plead. “He doesn’t deserve to live the rest of his life alone. I know that he’s made some poor mistakes in his life so far, but he still doesn’t that kind of fate.”

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