Chapter VII

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Jisoo was kind of disappointed to what happened earlier. She went to the parking lot and rode unto her car. She stopped by at the near café.

"One iced choco to go, please." She said to the counter.

"Uh, are you the model? Miss Kim Jisoo?!" The crew said.

Jisoo was surprised that she was getting recognized by some people. It was overwhelming on her part.

"Uhm, yes. I'm Kim Jisoo." Jisoo said shyly.

The crew handed gave her order and she asked for her authograph which she gladly did.

"Thanks for dropping by Miss Jisoo. Come again." The crew said and bowed.

"Thank you." Jisoo smiled and made her way out of the café. She went back to her car and continued to drive home.

She opened their fron door and her family was surprised to see Jisoo came home early.

"I thought you'd going to spend your night on Jen's condo?" Her mom said.

"Something came up and we got into a little fight. It's nothing to worry about. Gotta go to my room." Jisoo hugged her mom and dad.

"Okay, princess. Make sure you two will fix that problem as soon as possible, okay?" Her dad said.

She nodded and went to her room. Jisoo was thankful to her parents because they support their relationship. They accepted Jennie and love her like their own child.

Manager calling..

J: Hello unnie.

M: Hello, Jisoo. I just want to remind you to pack your bags already and we'll take off early tomorrow. See you

J: Arasso, unnie. Byee

And with that she hung up. Right after she placed her phone on her table, someone called her again.

J: Oh, unnie?

Jennie: It's me babe.

Jisoo looked at her phone and the caller was right. It was Jennie.

J: Why did you call?

Jisoo said trying to sound cold as much as possible.

Jennie: I'm at the outside of your house. I wanted us to talk. Please, babe.

She went near her window and took a peak outside, there she saw Jennie leaning on her car while talking to her on phone.

Jennie: You still there babe?

J: Yes. I'll be down in a minute. Bye

She went outside and saw Jennie waiting for her.
Jennie opened the passenger seat door.

"Let's talk but not here." Jennie said.

Jisoo blushed a little when Jennie did that little thing. A gentle woman.

It's getting dark and Jisoo supposed to be resting on her room now because she has to be early tomorrow. But Jennie came and took her to their usual dating spot. It's a place where you can see the view of the whole city and a nice place to star gaze.

Jisoo sat on the grass followed by Jennie.

"A milk chocolate for you." Jennie handed her the drink.

"I really wanted to say sorry for acting like a bitch earlier. I was the one who acted like a child. Please, babe, forgive me." Jennie said with teary eyes.

Jisoo gave her a reassuring smile.

"You are forgiven. I can't stand not talking to you. Especially now, that I'll be gone for a few daysss." Jisoo said emphasizing the few days.

"I'm gonna miss you so much. Can I come?" Jennie joked.

"You can't. You still need to review my attorney." She said.

"I thought I'm going to leave with a heavy heart knowing that we had a little fight." She continued.

"I will never let that happen." Jennie kissed her cheek.

Before they go back home they stay there and eat the sandwiches that Jennie prepared. Of course, they will not leave the place without star gazing. Their favorite part of their date, always.

Their moment was interrupted when someone texted Jennie.

From: (unknown number)

Hi, Jennie. Let's hang out soon. It's Nayeon. xo

Jennie startled when she heard Jisoo.

"Who's Nayeon?" Jisoo asked curiously.

"I-it was one of Lisa's friends. She introduced her to me last night." Jennie said nervously.

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