Chapter VIII

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It's starting to rain outside and Jennie is finally done brewing her coffee. It's 6:00 pm now. She went to the study table and goes through her books and notes. The weather makes her sleepy but she promised to Jisoo they would video call at 9.

It's been a week since Jisoo went abroad for her month long project and it's been also a week since Nayeon keeps on bugging her to hang out.

When the clock hits 8:30, she went to her kitchen and cooked ramyeon. Hot noodle is perfect for a chilly weather. Too bad she has nothing to cuddle with 'cause her girlfriend is miles away.

She finished cooking and went to the mini dining table and scrolls through her contact. She pressed the name of Jisoo and calls her.

The phone keeps ringing..
She tried again but no one replied.

"Maybe she's busy." Jennie said to herself and ate her ramyeon that is now soggy.

She's done eating and went to sink to wash the dishes. She went to the bathroom to brush her teeth.

Before she goes to bed she looked at her phone. There were 2 messages.

1 from Jisoo and the other was from Nayeon.

From: Jisoo❤️

Sorry, babe. I was busy, hope you'll understand. How are you doing there? I miss you. Good night xoxo

She quickly replied and said also her goodnight. She opened  the message form Nayeon.

From: Nayeon

I'm going to your condo tomorrow, I wouldn't take no as an answer 😉

She sighed. She replied 'okay' since she's bored. She doesn't want to rot in her condo drowning herself from reviewing.


Jennie just finished having a bath.
She heard a knock from her door, she knew who that is already.

"Hey, Na-"

She was surprised because it wasn't Nayeon who's in the door. It was Irene, Jisoo's sister.

"Na what?" Irene asked curiously.

"Oh, my bad. I thought it was the Na-Nachos delivery. I was craving for some mexican food unnie." Jennie said nervously. That was close.

"I'm here to give you food, Jisoo told me to do so. Seulgi can't make it up because she's stubborn as always. I have to, Jen. Byee." Irened said and left her condo.

She brought the food on her table. She texted Jisoo to thank her for the thoughtfulness of her girlfriend.

30 minutes passed and there she heard a knock from her door again. It was Nayeon this time. Smiling widely showing off her bunny smile.

"Hey, come in." Jennie said.

"Missed you, Jennie. Finally, we're able to hang out now." Nayeon hugged her.

"Oh, easy there. We texted a lot. Like a lot. And yet you still miss me? You must be kidding." Jennie said.

"Of course, I missed you. It's been what 1 or 2 weeks since we met in the club." Nayeon said.

"Okay, so what would you like to do? Movie marathon? Or play video games?" Jennie asked.

"I want you." Nayeon whispered.

"What?" Jennie said.

"I want to watch movie. I brought pizza with me." Nayeon went to the couch while Jennie was setting up the TV.

They were half through to the chick flick kind of movie, there's an intimate scene between the actors. Nayeon slowly leaning unto her and cupped her cheeks.

"He-hey, wh-what are you doing? Th-this is wrong." Jennie said trying to stop whatever Nayeon's thinking to do.

"Oh come on, Jennie. I can see it in your eyes you want it to." Nayeon said and bit her own lower lip.

"I have a girlfriend. This can't be-"

Nayeon shut her up through kissing her. She was trying to pull away but she can't believe she enjoyed the feeling. She puts her hand on Nayeon's nape, she can feel Nayeon's smirk after doing it.

She was too engrossed to the kiss that she forgot about protesting. As if she isn't  thinking straight at all.

They pulled away when they were out of oxygen.

"I have to go. Thank you for your time, Jennie. I'm looking forward to our next meeting." Nayeon winked and went out already. That was fast.

Jennie just left dumbfounded. Not believing what happened. Her phone made a sound receiving a text from Jisoo.

From: Jisoo❤

How are you, babe? Can we talk? I miss you.

She replied in an instant.

Can't babe, sorry. I'll call you later.

Guilt was creeping her out. She cheated, fucking cheated to Jisoo.

"What the heck was that? She kissed me and 'the stupid me' kissed her back?" Jennie said and touched her lips.

"I liked it anyways."


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