youre worth every second of my time

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prompt: #103, "you're worth every second of my time."

You and Steve had been going through a rough patch lately. It had currently been two week since the last day of school before winter break, also meaning that it was two weeks since the last day you had spoken to Steve, your current boyfriend for three months. Well, you weren't sure that you could refer to him as your boyfriend, anymore.

"I need my space, Steve," you had said, sighing and slamming your locker a little harder than you had intended. "I don't want to hang out with you every second of every day. Why can't you understand that?"

"I do! But I want to see you sometime during the break. Two weeks without seeing each other is crazy."

"I'm not saying that we won't! All I'm saying is that you need to leave me alone!" the words shot out of your mouth before you could realize what you had said. His face fell and that had said it all. "Wait, Steve—"

"No, I understand," he nodded. His eyes dropped to the ground as you gulped. "I'll leave you alone."

"Steve, that's not—"

"—what you meant? But it's what you said."

Before you knew it, Steve had left you at your locker, walking away. You were scared, and not for the reason that you had just broken up, but because you felt nothing. You weren't sad, and you weren't about to cry. You felt the same as before, but numb. Confused, you slid out the back doors of the school, only to later fall into your bed and sleep the rest of your days away.

It was now past Christmas and New Years, the first day of school since the break started. Now, the numb feeling had passed and you were feeling too much. According to your mother, the best way to heal your heart after a breakup was to start fresh. Forget everything that had happened. Walk into school with a big, beaming smile and an amazing attitude. That was easier said than done, seeing as you paraded into school with a big frown frozen on your face and the worst attitude possible.

That was, until lunch rolled around.

"Y/N," you heard Steve call from behind and it took all of the you not to give in and turn around. He pulled you away from your locker by the waist. You looked down before he could lock eyes with you. "I'm so sorry. I was such a dick. You need your space and I'm a very clingy person so I will try and give you space. Please tell me when I'm not because this break was horrible and I regret everything that I had said before."

Looking up, you saw how pained he was.

"You're worth every second of my time. I shouldn't have treated you like I did. I'm sorry."

"I miss you," you sighed, your voice quivering with every word spoken. He pulled you in tightly, wrapping you in his arms. Sobbing, you hugged him back, resting your head on his chest. The two of you held each other for a couple of minutes before you pulled away.

"I missed you, too."

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