Chapter IX

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As days pass Jisoo can't help but to miss home. She misses Seoul, her family, her friends, the foods and most especially her girlfriend.

Her work for this day is already done, she's on her way to the hotel. She's standing on the side of the street, hailing a cab. And an unfamiliar car stopped infront of her.

As the driver of the car successfully moved down the windows, it revealed the figure of he co-model, Myoui Mina.

"Hop on. It's hard to wait a cab at this time." Mina said and went out to open up the passenger seat door.

Jisoo gladly accepted the ride.

"Thank you, Miss Myoui." Jisoo said formally.

"Drop the honorifics, Jisoo. Come on, let's consider each other friends beginning today." Mina smiled.

"Okay, Mina." She said shyly.

"Do you want to grab some coffee before you get home? We can stop over there at the nearest café." Mina offered.

"Sorry, I have to call my uhm girlfriend. I haven't called her since I'm busy." Jisoo said with apologetic look.

"No, it's okay. Good to know you swing on both sides. You know what I mean. 'Cause I am, too." Mina said and pulled over her car when they're now infront of Jisoo's hotel.

"Thank you for the ride, Mina. Drive safe going back home." Jisoo said. She was about to go out of the car when Mina grabbed her hand.

"Uhm since tomorrow is your free day, I can volunteer to tour you around the city. Please, Jisoo." Mina pleaded.

"Okay. Here's my number. Call me." Jisoo said and finally went to her hotel.

She took her key and twist it into the door knob. She went in and made her way to the bed. She was waiting for Jennie to answer her video call.

Jennie: H-hey babe!

Jisoo: Hi, babe! I miss you so much.

Jennie: Stop pouting, babe. It doesn't suit you. Joke
Miss you, too!

Jisoo: Why are you wearing a turtle neck?

Jennie: Uh I was t-trying a new kind of fashion. Yes, that was the re-reason, babe.


Jisoo: A fashionista as always. How's your day, my attorney?

Jennie: It was good. I did a little bit of review. How about you?

Jisoo: I had fun working. My co-workers are so kind.

Jennie: That's good. You look tired. Get some rest.

Jisoo: I will, after we talk. You know I miss you so much.

Jennie: I know babe but you need rest. And I still need to study.

Jisoo heard the door clicked in Jennie's place.

Jisoo: Who was that babe?

Jennie: It's nothing babe. You need to get some rest. Good night. Love you!

Jisoo didn't get to talk back when Jennie quickly ended their call.

"What's the rush?" Jisoo asked.

"Oh well, nevermind. I'm getting paranoid." She said to herself.

A notification appeared on Jisoo's phone She thought it came from Jennie but to her dismay it was from an unknown number.

Hey, Jisoo. It's me Mina. I'm just reminding you for our friendly day out tomorrow. Have a good sleep. See you!

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