Chapter X

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Good morning, Jisoo.
I'm at the hotel's lobby already.

Jisoo looked at her phone and Mina texted her. She picked up her bag and closed the door. When she went off from the elavator, she saw Mina waiting for her. She waved at her and the other girl waved back and smile.

"Shall we go?" Mina asked.

Jisoo nodded.

"Let's have some fun!" Mina cheerfully said and they went to her car.

They strolled around the city, going to the shops, buying some souvenirs, trying every food they saw.

Jisoo enjoyed Mina's company so much and vice versa. Little did Jisoo know that Mina started liking her since she went here. But Mina knew her limits, she knew Jisoo is in a relationship.

"So, let's go first to the café before I'll drive you home." Mina suggested.

"That's a good idea." Jisoo said.

They went to the famous café there. Mina volunteered she would order but Jisoo insisted.

"Let me treat you. You shouldered everything in our trip today. This is the least I can do to repay your kindness." Jisoo said.

"What else can I do? I'll just let you." Mina chuckled.

Jisoo went to the counter and ordered iced choco for herself and iced americano for mina and two cuts of red velvet cake.

"Thank you for today, Mina." Jisoo said sincerely.

"Anything for you, Jisoo. I don't want you to leave without seeing the beauty of this city." Mina said.

"Oh, leave. It hits me. I'm going to head home a day after tomorrow already." Jisoo sipped on her drink.

"I thought you still have less than two weeks here? Your contract is one month right?" Mina asked.

"Yes but I have to leave early. I have a special occassion to attend on. My manager agreed, I can continue it next month." Jisoo explained.

"That's good. I still get to see you next month. I've been planning to live with my friend in Seoul." Mina said.

"You have a friend there?" Jisoo asked.

"Yes, she has been convincing me to move there but I still have pending work here." Mina said and ate the last bite of the cake.

"It's getting late, I think we should go now." Jisoo said.

And with that they went out of the café, Mina drove Jisoo to her hotel.

"I can offer you a ride when you'll going to the airport. I'll text you!" Mina said.

"No, no, I don't want to burden you. I can go with myself. Thank you." Jisoo said.

"I insist. I'll see you tomorrow at work. Bye!" Mina sped up and went to her own home.


Nayeon has been spending her time in Jennie's condo ever since Jisoo left. Before, Jennie would review everyday but now she's distracted by Nayeon.

They would cuddle, hug, kiss, make out and whatever only a couple should be doing doing. In short, they're friends with benefits.

Jennie heard her phone beeped.

From: Kang Sluggie

I'm on my way at your condo.

Jennie hurriedly fixed her unit. She told Nayeon to go out as soon as possible. She didn't expect Seulgi would visit her because the older girl is busy.

3 minutes after Nayeon successfully left the condo, Seulgi came invading her condo.

"Why do you look tired and tensed?" Seulgi asked suspisciously.

"Y-you know what they call excercise? Duh. Of course, I have to keep in my shape." Jennie said cockily.

"Exercise? Really? Wow Jennie Kim is upgrading. Wait, did you change your perfume?" Seulgi said and smelled Jennie.

"There's no harm in trying new things." Jennie said.

"Whatever. Jisoo is so sensitive with perfumes better use the usual one. That smell doesn't suit. It's way too sweet." Seulgi said and thrown her self to the couch.

Jennie was too nervous. She was good at keeping it and calming herself. That was close. She would never know what to do if she'll get caught.

"I'm doomed"

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