Eli & Aeryn: Twenty One

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This chapter is inspired by a comment left by @JustACrazyChristiee on chapter twenty, it was a really cute suggestion, so thank you!

And thank you to everyone else for over 4000 votes and over 90,000 reads, that's insane!


E: "That ride was amazing! I can't believe you just sat down here, you should have come on it with me!"

A: "I would have thrown up all over you, no ride can be worth that much to you."

E: "Aaaaeryn, we came here to have fun! What do you want to do?"

A: "I don't know. I've never been anywhere like this before, amusement parks aren't really my thing."

E: "Well I'm going to make them your thing."

A: "...where did the others go?"

E: "They're in that line for the roller coasters. Stop changing the subject, choose something to do!"

A: "...I um, that looks kind of fun."

E: "Really?"

A: "You wanted me to choose!"

E: "Okay, we'll do that then."

A: "So I just throw this ball at the bottles and knock them over?"

E: "Yeah, and that little teddy is the prize."

A: "This looks so easy, Eli, see, I can choose cool things. I'm gonna knock these all down and I'm gonna..."

E: "...you missed all of them."

A: "Yeah."

E: "Um, well, try again, Aeryn."

A: "..."

E: "You missed again."

A: "I am quite aware."

E: "It doesn't matter, we'll find something else to do. Look, here's that hammer thing were if it reaches the bell you reach the prize."

A: "No, I don't really like - aww, look!"

E: "What?"

A: "That giant teddy bear, it looks so soft!"

E: "I'll get it for you."

A: "No, don't waste your money!"

E: "..."

A: "Eli, you probably won't get it, all these games are rigged."

E: "..."

A: "Eli!"

E: "I got it! Here you go."

A: "It's so soft! Eli, you're amazing!"

E: "I know."

A: "...stop flexing your muscles like that, it looks weird."

E: "No, it looks amazing."

A: "Don't twist my words."

E: "I'm not, I'm just reading your thoughts."

A: "Hmm."

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