Damage Control

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Alois P.O.V

  My parents were talking to a man named Jonathan and his wife, a rogue trying to be accepted into our pack when  I heard noises coming from the kitchen and a  slight pain in my stomach. "Excuse me ." I say before swiftly making my way into the kitchen. I walk in frantically looking for Rayna until I see her with Jonathan standing near her.  Somethings not right. I think to my self and my wolf agrees." Ill  be taking my leave." I say rather harshly towards Jonathan and softly look at Rayna " I'll see you tomorrow. " I walk out the room and out the house saying my goodbyes to everyone but not before mindlink my father and telling him to keep an eye on Rayna and Jonathan.  Mainly Jonathan.  He replies with an 'okay' and asks why . I'll explain later. Is all I say before shutting off my mindlink   shutting on my car And driving away  looking at the house grow farther in distance from the rear view mirror.

Rayna P.O.V

I hear a rush of footsteps and yelling before my father is soon off of me and a mysterious person is standing in front of me . Just as I'm about to ask the Person Who they are I finally  fall out of consciousness.

Mystery P.O.V

I walk into the kitchen swiftly and see Jonathan punching his daughter over and over again . I'm instantly filled with rage I throw him off her yelling "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!" He seems taken back before regaining composure . I look down at the girl and realized she's unconcious with a faint pulse.  I growl at him and call the pack doctor to the house through the mindlink. "This is the girl I spoke to you about , but she's been acting like  I haven't trained her properly." He says anger evident in his voice  " Shes been getting extremely  bold ,I was simply punishing her as needed." His wife Candace comes in the room seeing what happened and doesn't look shocked at all. Do they do this on a regular basis? The pack doctor rushes into the house "In here!" I yell telling him to come to the kitchen. He looks at the scene and is shocked. I see his canines start to extend and his nails begin turning into claws . " Who did this?" He asked anger obvious on his face. "CALM DOWN ." I order him in my alpha voice so he has no choice but to comply.  "You will save her ." I say to him handing her to him.  "And nobody will know about this besides us do you understand?" He looks at me his eyes shifting between green and golden yellow as he shakes obviously taken back by my request  obviously angry ." Alpha are you serious!" He yells making me growl " DO NOT question me just do your job ." I say walking out the room with Jonathan and his wife sighing. I hope Im doing the right thing.  I think to myself . They get into my car and we drive off, once were far enough I stop the car . " What do you know." 

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