Chapter XII

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In the morning, Jennie woke up struggling to open her eyes. She cried until she fell asleep last night. She looked around her room and it felt empty.

She looks miserable.

"Why did I mess things up?" She asked herself and her tears started to stream down her face.


That what she feels right now. She's regretful to the things she did. If she could just turn back time, she would.

Her stomach started to growl because she didn't eat anything since that incident. She went to the kitchen and sat there. She poured the milk on her bowl of cereal. Staring at it blankly, not planning to take a bite.

She suddenly lose her appetite remembering what just happened yesterday.

She tried calling Jisoo's number but the latter can't be reached. It must have been turned off.

She sighed

She left the cereal untouched and went to her room. She wanted to go the Kim's house but she doesn't have the courage. No, not yet.

"I'm sorry, babe. I love you." She muttered before she fell asleep. A tear fell as she closed her eyes.

A week later..

She finally find the courage to face Jisoo. She planned to go to their house today. She feels nervous. She prepared herself to accept whatever words she might be receiving from Jisoo's parents.

She was about to open the door when someone opened it from the other side. The person attacked her and punched her on the face. Her lip was busted.

"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO ON JISOO?" Seulgi clenching her fist and giving her death glare. She's preventing herself not to go hard on Jennie.

"Seul, please, I'm really sorry for happened. I regret it, okay? I'm about to go there and fix what I ruined." Jennie said and walked through the door.

Seulgie's heart softened as she looks Jennie's eyes getting teary.

"She already left." Seulgi said.

"We drove her to the airport today. She looked sad. I even told her why not you who'll drove her to the airport. And she plainly said you two are over. Me and Irene were shocked. I asked Irene about it but she knew nothing even her family." Seulgi continued.

"She never told to her family we broke up?" Jennie asked.

"Yes. Tell me what happened." Seulgi sat on the couch.

Then Jennie told her what happened.

After that, Jennie received another punch.

"Isn't Jisoo enough for you?!" Seulgi stood up.

"Nayeon was persistent. That time, I already lost my self control. Temptation won over." Jennie said.

"It was hard on my part. Jisoo's been busy. I craved for affection. It's the first time we've been away from each other. I was not used to it when whe had ldr. Then, Nayeon came. My attention diverted to her.  I got distracted."

"But Jen, you hurt her. The worst part is, she witnessed you cheating with her naked eyes. You're stupid piece of mochi."

"I know." Jennie looked down.

"Don't get shock when she comes back, she might find someone new."


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