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(This is happening in Mystreet before Aphmau and Zane were best friends)

I stood in my room as I got ready to go see Aaron. I put my hair up and did my makeup. I ran down the stairs and grabbed my bag leaving. Closing the door behind me I made my way to Aarons house.

He said he had something important to tell me today. I walked down the road and approched Aarons house. I felt the cold breeze brush against my face and I walked up to his door. I knocked on the door and Aaron swung it open. I jumped up to hug him and I felt him push me back. I felt my heart beat fast and I looked at him confused. He smiled at me lightly and I got up on my tippy toes. I closed my eyes and leaned in for a kiss. I felt Aaron let go of me and I went falling to the ground. I sat up quickly and felt tears fill my eyes.

"Aaron?" I questioned quietly.

"Aphmau im sorry I feel really sick today and everythings been hard lately." Aaron grumbled.


Aarons phone went off and I stood up off the ground. I walked up to Aaron and peaked at his phone. Reading the following:

"Can I come over tonight?"

"Who was that?" I questioned.

"Ah! Thats my co worker Michi she has to come over tonight to finish our assignment." He spoke firmly.

Aaron stumbled on his words but spoke,

"You should go home for now ill call you later."

"Alright.." I spoke.

He pushed me out the door way and I fell into the snow. I got up out of the snow and felt tears fill in my face.

"Get dumped." A deep voice chuckled.

I looked up and noticed a boy wearing a mask. He had black hair and wore dark clothing.

"No... but it feels like I was." I said in tears.

"Are you going to get up?" He replied rolling his eyes.

"Eventually." I sobbed into the snow.

I felt my arm yanked up and I fell into his chest.

"Zane!" I heard a familiar voice yell.

I turned around and noticed Garoth come running over to us.

"Ah Aphmau." He spoke.

"You remember Zane don't you?" He replied.

I felt memories flash through my head and I smiled.

"Oh whats wrong Aph?" He spoke.

"Nothing I'm fine." I replied wiping away my tears.

I felt Zane pull me closer into him and Garoth spoke,

"Well we are having a Christmas party tonight so feel free to come over."

I nodded my head and Zane let go of me. Garoth began to walk home and Zane turned to face me. He patted my head and followed after Garoth. I felt my face turn red and I headed on home.


I checked the clock and noticed it was time to head over to Garoths. I checked my phone and noticed Aaron haded texted me back yet. I decided it would be a good idea to invite Aaron over to the Christmas Party. I got up and put my jacket and boots on. I grabbed my stuff and ran out the door. I ran down the road and headed to Aarons house. I stopped in front of the door but didn't knock.

"Oh Aaron." Someone moaned.

"Michi..." Aaron groaned.

I felt tears swell up in my eyes and I slammed the door open. I screamed in shock as I saw Aaron and Michi laying on the couch with no clothes. I ran out and slammed the door shut.

"Shit." I heard Aaron scream.

I ran down the street to Garoths house and fell into the snow. I felt tears falling from my face and I cried into the snow. I felt foot steps come near me and I stopped crying. Something yanked me up and I felt someone carrying me. I squealed a bit and looked up.


He wiped my tears away and walked into the house. We walked upstairs past everyone and headed to his room. He opened up his room and placed me on his bed. He took my phone out of my pocket and I watched as he texted Aaron.

"Never touch her again."

He threw my phone to the floor and I felt my heart racing. He got on top of me and sat up. He pulled me into his chest and I started crying again. He patted my back and I let all my tears out. I heard the door bell ring and I shut up.

"Ah Aaron, Michi, welcome." Garoth screamed.

Zane let go of me and walked over to the door closing the door behind him he locked it. I walked up to the door and listened closely.

"Oh hello Aaron." Zane said slyly.

"Hey Zane." Aaron spoke.

I got up off the floor and found a lock pick in my bag. I took it out and began unlocking the door. I peaked out the door and saw Aaron talking with Zane. Aaron and Michi walked into the house and began talking with the croud. Zane walked upstairs and looked at me.

"I have an idea, jump out my window then knock on the door." He spoke.

I nodded my head and walked into his room. I opened up his window and jumped down. I walked around back to the front door. I knocked on the door and Zane opened it.

"Ah Hey Aphmau." He said with a smirk.

He grabbed my arm and brought me into the house. He closed the door behind me and pinned me to the door with one hand.

"Look up." He chuckled evily.

I felt my heart beating fast and I looked up, mistletoe. Zane leaned into my face and I closed my eyes.

"Don't touch my girlfriend!" Aaron screamed.

I opened my eyes and Zane turned around.

"Go back to making out with Michi." I yelled.

I felt tears flow down my face and Zane turned back to me. He pushed me into the door and leaned in for my lips. He put down his mask and began to kiss me. He had passion and I began to kiss him back. We began making out and people began aweing. I felt my face heat up and Zane began to put his tounge in my mouth. I began to as well and eventually we sunk to the floor. He pushed away and we both gasped for air. He picked me up off my feet and began to walk upstairs. When he reached his room and he threw his mask to the floor. He closed the door locking it and threw me on his bed. He began to take off his shirt and I knew I finally found someone who would love me.

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