Bonus Chapter!!!

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"Hey Maya?" Dominic asked walking into my room and waking me up from my sleep.

"Wha da ya want?" I grunted. I was having a good dream man! Did you ever experience that before? You have a good dream and then someone or something has to ruin it for you?

"Foods ready." He said moving to the side quickly as if I was gonna tackle him. Which I wasn't gonna do if he didn't get out of my way!

"What's the food?"

"Uh Blake cooked spaghetti." Spaghetti? I calmly walked out the room surprising Dominic.

"Morning Blakey!" I cheered and sat down, putting my head on the table.

Dominic was still surprised when he entered the kitchen, so was Blake.

"Sweetheart, are you okay?"

I raised my head, "Of course I am" Dominic went beside me and placed his hand on my forehead.

"Honey, your burning up! You have a fever!"

"Are you sure?" I asked. "Yes of course I'm sure."

"You sure, you sure?" He looked at me, "Yes I'm sure."

"You su-"

"Go back to bed!"

I sighed, I don't wanna fight with him today. I stood up felling incredibly dizzy.

"Dom why is the world spinning like a top???" I mumbled before everything turned black.

Dominic's POV

"Dom why is the world spinning like a top???" She mumbled and fell backwards. I threw myself and caught her before she hit the ground.

"Sweetheart!" Blake yelled and kneeled next to me.

"Unicorns are everywhere..." She whispered. I picked her up and started walking up the stairs, Blake following behind.

I placed her on the bed. "Dom I'm gonna make some soup for her okay, watch over her." Blake said and walked away.

"Isabella is my best friend...."

I looked down at her. Who is Isabella? Maybe I'll ask her later.

"Of course I wanna go to the Psych unit in rainbow land Isabella....."

I'm curious now. Who is she? Is she like a made up person?

"Noooo Dom you buttface! Stop eating all the cotton candy trees...."


"Blakey my hero in tinfoil! Take him away..."

Why is he the hero?

"Blakey nooooo! Please don't kill him....I like...."

I paused and listened closely.

"....I like want you guys together....Blake please...." she whimpered.

I sighed. Not what I was hoping for....

"Even though I like him...."

I turned my head so quickly I almost had a whiplash.

"Dom?" Maya asked opening her eyes. "Yes?"

"Will you be the magic to my Unicorn?"

I chuckled, "Sure Maya."

"Here." Blake said holding a bowl of soup. Shoot, he scared me! I grabbed the bowl and took a spoonful of it.

"Open wide." I said putting the spoon in front of her mouth.

"Mm mmm!" She said turning away.  "You have to eat honey."

"Mm mmm!!!" I sighed, "Pease?"

"No!" I groaned and turned to Blake, "a little help please?"

"Sweetheart, you have to eat."

"Okay." She said and ate the spoonful. Awww that's just rude....

"Can I sleep now?" Maya said after she ate.

"Yeah, you'll feel better once you wake up." Blake said smiling.

"Thanks Blakey." She said and closed her eyes.

"That's Cool too I guess...." I muttered. I stood up and walked to the door about to leave.

"Thank you Dom."

I grinned, "Have a nice nap honey." And with that I walked out the room.
"I feel great!" I yelled running into the living room.

"Congrats Sweetheart!" Blake grinned.

"That fast?" Dominic asked. I nodded my head, "The unicorn magic helped! I knew I was magical!!!"

"Oh yeah, umm Maya? Who's Isabella?" Dominic asked.

Isabella? How does he know her?

"She's my new best friend!!! We hung out at the psych unit in rainbow land one time!"

"Is she imaginary or....." Dominic trailed off.

"She's real!!!!"

"Okay..." He said.

"Chill Dom, you're just jelly that she is my best friend and not you!"

"Sure. Why not." Dominic said and walked away.

"Unicorns rule!!!" And so does my new best friend!!!

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