What? you don't know?

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Alois P.O.V

Within a few minutes of driving I start to feel empty. Like I'm losing something followed by extreme pain. Mate. My Wolf growls angrily trying to force shift me before I gain control . I have only shifted a handful of times and only in Dire situations. Only a handful of people have seen my wolf any enemy that has seen it never lived to tell the tale . My wolf isn't like an ordinary alpha wolf , and for safety reasons no one outside of direct family can know about it. Calm down. I tell him earning, a growl in response. I slam on the breaks and do a quick u-turn Speeding to her place. Something flies through my windshield and out of instinct I catch it mid air so it doesn't pierce my neck. I growl and look through the hole trying to see who threw the dagger. I pull over and get out the car seeing someone sprinting through the woods. I can easily catch up with them but what about Rayna?... My wolf gets silent also unsure on what to do. "Whoever the person was obviously intended to hurt me I won't let them hurt my mate". I think to myself before taking off into the woods whispering . "Please be ok Rayna. "

Rayna's P.O.V

  I hear talking around me and I feel anxiety creep up making me shoot up opening my eyes. I instantly regret it as the light burns my eyes making me wince and quickly shut them.  "Shit ." I hear someone mutter before the lights are dimmed " You can open your eyes now." A male voice says . " I slowly open them and blink letting them adjust to the amount of light in the room. " Wow ...." I here the same voice  whisper making my head shoot up and I see a man that seems to be in his late 30's with  scrubs on . He's a doctor I think to myself taking in his appearance noticing he's staring at me I sit up quickly and back up against the wall. " No its okay! I didn't mean too scare you." He says softly. I shake my head closing my eyes and burying my head in my knees . Suddenly I feel his prescence in front of me and I'm pulled into a tight hug and he rubs my head . "DEAR God what have they been doing to you. " I hear him say his voice cracking a little. After a minute or so he lets me go and sits in the chair next to the couch. " Well Miss Artegío you've healed rather quickly but. there's a chance  you've got a concussion so avoid so much moving . " he says and I nod a bit confused Who is he and when did he get here ? I think to myself . He must have realized what I was thinking.  " Oh I'm pack doctor Brian but you can call me James." He says offering his hand. I hesitate a bit but shake it.  He doesnt seem like he wants to do me harm . But what's a pack? " You don't know what a pack is ?" He asks me looking shocked .Oops I think I said that out loud. Whatever . I shake my head and he mutters something under his breath that I didn't get to hear . Thankfully he changes the subject . " How long have you had that tattoo on your leg?" He asks me  which confuses me . " Tattoo?" I mutter out loud before looking at my leg seeing a strange symbol on my leg that looked like a tattoo but I've never gotten one. "Oh i got it earlier today " I say quietly examining it. It was a a flame with the letter V going through it. We talk a bit more  before he examines me one more time and seems to be staring in a distance . He says he has to go see another patient before almost bolting out the room. "Weird." I mumble staring out the window aimlessly as i fall to sleep

James P.O.V

That mark , the eyes , it can't be a coincidence. Can it? I think back to when the ex alpha made me come to the house of a rouge family trying to join our pack.
I walk in the house instantly hit by the smell of blood. I hear the alpha yell and follow the sound finding him and two others in the kitchen surrounding a unconcious  girl on the floor.  She doesn't even look 18 yet  my wolf growls fighting with me for control. I Was going to let him have at it.  It was obvious that the Person responsible was the man standing across from alpha . "CONTROL YOURSELF DOCTOR." He says making my wolf growl inwardly having no choice but to comply . Alpha voice we think to each other. I look at him shocked . Surely he can't be serious.  "You're going to save her and you will tell NO ONE of anything that has taken place understand." I growl as a response.  I dont care he's my alpha this is ridiculous! He growls louder at me forcing my head in submission . " Fine." I mutter before picking up the girl gently and placing her on the couch beginning to aid her.  " What have they done to you?"I mutter quietly as the Ex-Alpha and 2 rogues walk out . Ive treated her enough to stop the bleeding for some wounds that had seemingly re-opened. It was wrapped incorrectly and was at risk of being infected. It had clearly never been seen by A doctor which made me think. Has she been treating herself? The thought alone making my blood boil. Her tempature steadily began to rise and I realized I wouldn't be able to treat her here. I have to bring her to the pack house . She's clearly human so theres A  chance I could be punished for bringing her to the pack house but if she isn't treated soon she'll die. I Grit my teeth at the thought Picking up the limp body of the girl left in my care . I lay her down in the back seat on my car making sure to place things around her so she's stabalized. Without warning she lets out a bloodcurling scream, her body getting colder by the second I'm stuck in A state of shock when I notice A soft glow coming from her thigh area. "Goddess forgive me." I mumble softly lifting up her dress, not only did I find her legs to be littered with bruises, On her inner thigh was  A glowing Symbol similar to the one on the chest of our current Alpha however hers more intricate looking. What have I gotten myself into ... 

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