Chapter XV

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4 months passed.

Jennie finally took the board exam last month. She's currently preparing her things because she's going back to her unit. She spent her days on their home in Busan, with her family. When Jennie opened up about their not-so-good break up with Jisoo, she received a lot of scolding. But when Jennie's parents saw how miserable and regretful their daughter was, they comforted her and her and motivated to atleast win Jisoo back, if possible.

Jennie cutted off all the contacts she had with Nayeon.

She wanted a fresh start, a new Jennie. She wanted to prove everyone especially Jisoo that she changed now. Not a jerk like before.

She still loves Jisoo, no doubt. Not a single feeling had faded.

She's on the road, slightly banging her heard and slightly tapping the steering wheel in sync with the song's beat. She's currently bopping Winner's Really Really.

When she's still in the part of Busan, she closed her car's tinted window and picked up a pack of cigarettes in the passenger seat. She plucked one stick and put it in between her lips. She didn't light it up. In fact, she's just imitating what Augustus Waters from her favorite novel did.

It's a methapor.

Her phone beeped.

From: Kang Sluggie

Results are out now! I'm sure you passed ;)

She then arrived at her condo, went straight to her room. She turned on her laptop, and searched for the website. She scanned her name at the passers. Jennie screamed untop of her lungs when she saw her name in the list. She jumped on her bed like a little kid.

"I'M AN ATTORNEY NOW! WOOOO" She shouted. She quickly replied to her bestfriend, Seulgi.

To: Kang Sluggie


She also sent a message to her family informing them she passed. Her family was beyond proud and congratulated their Attorney daughter.

After Jennie saw what Seulgi had replied she felt saddened. Seulgi can't join her now because they're too busy preparing for their wedding. And Irene hated Jennie for hurting her sister.

"I guess, I have to celebrate it with myself alone. If I didn't make that mistake maybe I'm celebrating it with Jisoo now and she'd probably proud of me." Jennie smiled sadly and a tear fell.

She wiped it out immediately and went outside to buy Soju and Chicken.

"Congrats, Jennie!" She said to herself.


"Seulgi, unnie." Jennie said with aegyo. In result, Seulgi cringed.

Seulgi went to Jennie's unit by the weekend. It's their free time from their wedding preparations.

"Stop with the aegyo. You look dumb." Seulgi said but Jennie just clung into her like a koala.

"Do me a favor. Let me know Jisoo's address in Japan." Jennie pleaded.

"No." Seulgi said, Irene warned her not to tell  Jennie.

"Please, seul. For me? I'm begging you." Jennie will not stop until Seulgi will aswer her.


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