Chapter XVII

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Jennie felt her world came crashing down, the chances she's been holding felt like disappeared in a blink of an eye. This isn't what she expected. Now, she really believes that expectations lead to disappointments.

"How can she be with someone that instant. Did she already move on?" She asked herself.

How could you ask that to yourself if in the first place, you were the one who found someone while you two were still together? Much worse, isn't it? Her inner self said.

She shrugged.

She stroll around the park, thinking what would she gonna do next. She saw a swing and sat there, pushed it slightly. She pulled off her headset from her pocket and listened to some music before she'll go back to her hotel.

She was interrupted when she heard a dog barking so loudly at her. It was a maltese dog. Jennie carefully carried it.

"Are you lost?" Jennie asked the dog while rubbing its back.

The dog just barked in response.

When she decided to search for the owner, a girl who's catching her breath appeared. Jennie put down the dog, and the dog went to the girl.

"Hey, dalgom. Your mom been searching for you." The girl said and carried the dog.

"Oh, hi. Thank you for not letting this dog away. I'm going to be scolded by her mom if I lost him." The girl said to Jennie showing off her gummy smile.

"No, it's okay. He's so cute." Jennie said.

"Are you new here? Cause I just saw you for the first time."

"Uh, I just visited someone. I'm from Korea." Jennie said.

"Okay, by the way, I'm Mina." The girl smiled.

"I'm J-

Jennie was cut off when Mina's phone rang.

"I already found him. Yeah, we're coming back there. Miss us already? Byee" Mina talking someone on her phone.

"Sorry but we gotta go. See you around." Mina said.

Jennie didn't recognized Mina because the japanese girl already changed her clothes and her hair was tied in a bun.


"I met someone at the park." Mina stated.

"And then?"

"Nothing. I just want to share it to you." Mina said.

Jisoo's attention is all on Dalgom now. Mina bought the dog for her. Jisoo was so happy when she received him. She always wanted to have dog since she was little.

"Hey, I'm getting jealous. Dalgomie! Stay away from Jisoo." Mina pouted.

"Minari, sorry to say but you don't look cute at all." Jisoo said when she saw Mina doing a duck face.

Mina went to her but Jisoo was fast enough to run away from her. A couple of rounds happened and Mina finally caught Jisoo and tickled her.

"Ah S-stop, Min-minari" Jisoo getting tickled lying on the floor.

Mina obliged when she felt Jisoo was running out of breath. She looked at Jisoo's eyes. She's staring at her like a precious gem. Mina closed her eyes and lean in.

Jisoo felt Mina's lips touch against her before she pushes Mina away, the girl already stand up.

"That's for saying I'm not cute."

A week later..

Jennie is now back at Korea laying lifeless at her bed while staring at the ceiling. The thought of Jisoo and the girl breaks her heart over and over again.

Sat in the corner of the room
Everything's reminding me of you
Nursing an empty bottle and telling myself you're happier
Aren't you?

"What should I do now?" she asked herself.

Jennie's mother alongside with Seulgi are preparing for surprise party. For finally becoming an attorney. They're planning to have a party on their house.

"Seulgi, can you please send my invitation to Jisoo?" Mrs. Kim said.

"Okay, aunt. She'll be back here a day before the party." Seulgi said.

"That's good."

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