chapter 5

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*Kenz's pov*

"um ok mimi, let's head out," said Everest glaring at us.

"Oh Shit, he is so gonna kill us, literally...oh fuck," Grey's rant was cut of when I inserted his dick into my mouth.

"Oh fuck kenz what the fuck, oh fuck me, oh FUCK," I grabbed his balls and sucked on them while I stroked his length, he grabbed my hair and shoved my head up and down his dick.

I grabbed him and turned him around, I sticked my dick into his ass and he hissed out loud.

"Fuck fuck fuck," I repeated.

"Fuck, harder you cunt," said grey hissing.

I banged him really hard, I heard the sound of our skin slapping together and it was so loud and stinged too.

I wasn't thinking about him but about Mia, her tight pussy wrapped around my big dick while she moans like the little kitten she is.

And I knew so was grey.

After we cummed, we both left our separate ways.

Explaining what all of that was, since we were young we'd do this, not because we are attracted to each other, but for fun.

It's like a habit, like a random fuck.

We walked into the room and I smiled.

Everest was lifting up the angel, her giggles filled the house, and I was happy, it's been long since I heard the slightest bit of commotion.

The mansion is huge, and usually, we don't talk, just smoke and drink and have some sluts over.

This was different, and I couldn't wait until we wake up like this everyday.

"Oh you fools, you think you can have some fun without us," said grey.

He then stole Mia from Everest and put her down on the couch, he lifted up her shirt and blew butterflies onto her stomach.

They weren't giggles they were shrieks of happiness and giggles.

Her eyes twinkled, and so did ours.

"Alrighty princess, how about we go take a nap," I said.

She looked drowsy and tiered.

She just lifted up her arms and stood on her tippy toes.

I cooed and lifted her up.

She instantly put her head on my chest, and hugged me.

We all waked into my room and I set her down on the bed.

She instantly put her thumb in her mouth and closed her eyes.

I opened my closet and grabbed a pair of my boxers.

I put them on her, and they fitted her like shorts.

I then grabbed one of my shirts and put it on her.

It reaches bellow her knees.

How short is she like 4'7 4'8??

"Boys, we need to see a doctor about her height, all her features are kidish, too kidish," I said and they all agreed.

I then lifed her up from the bed, and moved her body bellow the sheets.

I laid down and she laid on top of me.

The guys came, and sat beside us, each on opposite sides.

We whispered soft things into her ears.

After we were sure she sleeped, I gave her a kiss in the nose, grey gave her a kiss on the head, and Everest gave her a kiss in the cheek.

We walked away from the room.


*Everest's pov*

I was in the middle of chopping some tomatoes and boiling spaghetti, when I hear light skips.

My little baby reaches up to me, and looks down.

She puts her index finger in her lips and plays with her feet.

She looks up at me, her big green eyes stare back at me, and she says,

"daddy I made an oppsy,"

I melted right away, I think I just found my sunshine in a storm.

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