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Three years had passed , I was 18 when every tragic happened to me .

My dad got a higher position as an assistant of CEO , since then he always come home late , and he never had time for us anymore .

I was not affected by it but mom was unsatisfied of our life , she complained that dad didn't come home for dinner , and she barely saw him anymore .

" Just get another decent job ! I can't stand you always come home late !" She yelled across the room .

" Why are you being selfish these days ? Don't you know I'm working hard to earn money ?! For us ! For our family !" Dad snarled at her , angrily .

It had become a routine for me to hear them argue , I was afraid and was upset at first but then I eventually got used to it .

" It's not like I can care anyway ..." I thought and stared at the spinning fan , frowned .

Sorry for the grammar mistakes

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