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He was watering the flowers when I got there , he was so lost in what he is doing and ignored the fact that I was there .

" You want to try ?" He asked , and that was the first thing he said to me .

I hesitantly grabbed the watering container and it was heavier than I thought .

I poured some water into the pot , slowly because I've never done it before .

" No no ... It's too little ..." He whispered and grabbed my hands along with the handler , gently showered the plants with waters .

He removed his hands after a few seconds and let me water the rest .

I watered the others and placed the container on the floor , then greeted by a pleasant aroma of tea .

He poured some tea into two cups while smiling at the smells .

" Just leave it there and take a sit here ." He told me as I took a seat before him .

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