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After I sat down , he offered me a cup of tea , lightly pushed them in front of me .

" Drink it , it's chamomile tea , it'll help to calm our heart down ." He said and took a small sip of the hot tea .

I stared at the yellowish liquids in the cup , I was wondering if he slipped poison inside ...

" You can choose not to trust me if you don't want to , it's all about freedom here ." He noticed my insecure and said , sipped in the tea .

He smiled and looked into my eyes , had something in his mind I couldn't read .

" Who are you ?" I asked sheepishly , broke the eye contact with him .

" Does my name matters ? Just call me Jhope ." He said with a light chuckle .

I nodded at the weird name he called himself , but it was actually cute .

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