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" Oh crap ... School !" I nearly yelled when I realized about the thousand times of bullshit that four eyes gave me as a freaking punishment .

Jhope had his eyes wide opened when I raised my voice , he startled a bit I can tell .

" How come I ... I'm sorry Jhope , can you please lend me some full scape papers and a pen ? I'll repay you sometimes !" I said panicky .

He stayed mute for a few seconds and hurriedly got the papers I wanted from inside , along with a blue ink ball pen. 

Unexpectedly , I was having my punishment in his house , with him watching the whole time .

" What is that ?" He asked , frowned at the negative words written on the paper .

" It's my punishment at school , the stupid four eyes said I have to pass them up tomorrow or I'll have to get a warning letter ." I said .

He didn't ask anything anymore , in fact , he helped me with another paper , I was surprised by his perfect imitation of my handwriting , it was already almost the same .

So , I was quite ashamed , the first time we met , I already showed him my bad reputation at school .

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