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It was 1:39am by the time we finished my work , he stapled the 15 pieces of paper together and handed to me .

" Thanks a lot ... I wouldn't finish if you weren't here to help me ." I said and lowered down my head .

I heard him chuckled cutely , I couldn't help but found it adorable , for just few hours , he was a bubbly guy .

" Mind telling me what was the punishment for ?" He asked sincerely .

I stayed silent at his question , out of all , he asked this .

" You said to repay me , come on , tell me what happened ." He teased me with a light smirk plastered on his cheek .

" Jesus you're sly !" I basically screamed at him , he let out an evil laughter as he threw punches to the air .

For the rare occasions I told him what happened at school , I planned to tell him a little but then I couldn't hold back my angers and basically burst out everything at him .

" And I didn't live happily ever after , the end ." I ended my speech with annoyance .

He watched me in awe before nodded understandingly , I had a massive frown on my face , and it completely worsens my mood for today .

To say he brightens up my mood seemed like centuries ago .

Sorry for the grammar mistakes

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