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I was walking home after science extra class today , and that was when I heard the gossips while waiting for the coffee .

" Have you ever heard of Jung Hoseok ?" The brown haired girl said .

" Jung Hoseok ? You mean the boy that committed suicide years ago ?" Another girl asked .

" Yeah it's him , rumor says they saw his ghost at his house , with a girl ." The brown haired girl continued .

" Really ? That's terrifying , but it might be another rumor , I don't give a damn ..."

After getting my coffee , I walked out the coffee shop and went home .

12:30am , I saw Jhope on the balcony with a table of cookies and a ceramic teapot beside .

As usual , he poured two cups of tea and started to water the plants , waiting for me to be there .

" Hey bro !" I fist bumped him when I got there .

I grabbed the watering pot from him and watered the flowers skillfully after some "lessons" with him . 
" So , what's your story tonight ?"

The End

Sorry for the grammar mistakes

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