Bonus Chapter

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"Hey, hey, hey. Yo. Loser, yeah you! With the six pack..... of soda, yeah. Don't just stand there and look pretty give me a Dr. Pepper!" I ordered to Dominic.

"Me? I'm not standing here and looking pretty. Am I????" He questioned and posed.

I started laughing, "You look like a constipated duck!" Just picturing it is making me laugh even more.

"Rude! I'm trying my best here!" He glared and did another pose.

"Hey guys wh- the hell is wrong with your face Dom? You look like an injured duck trying to glare and has a broken spine! Hahaha!!" Blake said coming in the room.

"Not funny!" He said, flipping his imaginary long hair and running girlishly out of the room.

Omg, I'm dead. Hahaha!!! I laughed to hard that I accidentally rolled of the bed. After what seemed like forever, Blake and I stopped laughing.

"So What did ya need Blakey, my knight in shining tinfoil?"

"I was gonna day that dinners ready." Blake said chuckling.

"Yayyyyy!!!" I cheered and jumped up from the ground.

"Let's goooooo!!!!" I yelled and ran downstairs.

"Have fun sweetheart!" He called walking like a normal human being. Why be normal when you can be awesome? Like me? Or my best friend Isabella?

30 minutes later......

"Ugh, I feel like a turkey after being stuffed!!!" I whined.

"Are you Okay?" Dominic asked.

"Uh Huh." I got up from the seat and walked to the fridge, opened the freezer and took out cotton candy ice cream.

"You say your stuffed but then you get ice cream." Dominic said when I got back with the tub.

"Hey mister! You can never be to full with ice cream! I always have space for ice cream." I said shoving a spoonful in my mouth.

"Ah, sooo good!" I sighed.

Dominic started laughing. "What?" I asked.

"The ice cream's good and all but it makes your lips and tongue purple, pink, or blue."

I sighed, "Everything Good has a price to pay.... Maya Greene."

"Very nice. That shall be your quote that people shall remember you by!"

I shook my head no, "Nah, they should remember me because I'm awesome! No one can forget mwah!"

"Sure honey, sure." Dominic said.

I got up from the couch and handed him the tub of ice cream, "imma sleep, bye boo!" I grinned and ran up the stairs.

"You could have at least put the ice cream back!" He yelled. I laughed.

"Love you boo!" I called back entering my room.

"Whatever!" He yelled after a long pause. I giggled, he loves me!

I jumped in bed and cuddled with my really big unicorn plush toy that Dominic bought me for my birthday. I named her Isabella after my best friend.

"Such a majestic creature unicorns are." I mumbled falling asleep.

Maya's dreamland.

I looked around the place, rainbow grounds, cotton candy clouds, unicorns everywhere. Oh, wait, how can I forget the..... potato trees!!!!

What? Don't judge me. It give me an excuse to climb trees.

"Maya!!!!" A voice said behind me. I turned around, there stood a girl with brown hair and nice eyebrows, oh I know who she is!!!!!

"Isabella!!!!" I yelled and hugged her. "It's been a while hasn't it? I missed my best friend" She squealed.

"A long time! And I missed you too. Where's Liam, Burger King, and Noah?" I asked.

"Liam is catching butterflies. Noah is asking Blakey about how to make spaghetti and I dunno where Dom-Dom and Burger King is. Now forget about them! Let's be unicorns!!!"

A glow of sparkles came from her and then she turned into a.... UNICORN!!!! 

"HOW!!!!" I yelled staring at her unicorn form.

"You can turn into one to."

Oh yeah huh, it's my dream. I focused, and when I opened my eyes Isabella stared laughing.

"What's so funny?" I asked. She pointed her horn at me, "you turned yourself into a potato! Hahaha!!!"

I glared, "I'm trying here!!!" I opened my eyes again. "There."

I turned into a unicorn!!!! Yaaaaaassss!!! I'm magical now, oh wait, I've been magical!!!

"Let's ambush the Pegasus land and take out there ruler! And then celebrate with McDonalds." Isabella said. I nodded my head.

1 minute later....

"That was easier then expected. We just took out all the Pegasus guards and ready to ambush the ruler.

"We are soooo gonna win! I can already taste the happy meal!"

We broke through the doors with are magical powers.

"Got you now!" I yelled but froze when I saw who the ruler was.

"DOMINIC!?!?" I yelled not believing what I'm seeing. "How could you!?"

"I'm sorry, it wasn't my choice!" He cried. "A warlock cursed me into being a Pegasus and now I rule. Pun intended."

"How dare you Dom-Dom? She trusted you! And to think we were gonna ask if you wanted to join us to the Psych unit over there in rainbow land next to the ice cream store." Isabella glared turning into a human again.

I turned back as well. "I'm so disappointed in you! Now when we go to McDonalds and it's my turn to order, I'm gonna get my food and hopes it doesn't disappoint me as well."

"It's not my fault!" He reasoned again.


"It isn't his fault." Burger King said appearing out of no where.

"Burger King?" Isabella asked. "What do you mean?" When you nod your head yes, but you wanna say no what do you mean. Nows not the time to be singing  a Justin Bieber song!

"I cursed him!" He yelled.

We gasped. "Why???"

"Because he ate my potato!!!"

I turned to Dominic, "how could you eat his potato? That's rude!!!!"

"I'm sorry!!!!"

"I shall give you another chance!" Burger King said and took out a burger and threw it at him.


There stood a unicorn. "Thank you." He said and galloped away.

I turned to Isabella, "So that counts as taking out the ruler right?"

She nodded her head and cheered, "WE WONNNNN!!!"

"MCDONALDS!!!!" I cheered as well.

"Maya? WAKE UP!!!"

I jolted awake. "What???" I grunted.

"You kept on talking about potato's and unicorns and McDonalds and burgers in your sleep so I went to McDonalds, bought you a lot of fries, a burger, and a unicorn action figure. So here, now let me sleep woman." Dominic said giving me the bag.

He turned back around and left the room.

I grinned. I love my dreams.

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