Bonus chapter

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"Hey Dom?" I grinned. He looked up from his phone, "What?"

"Go insane, go insane, get some glitter, make it rain!!!!" I yelled throwing glitter in the air.

"Where did you even get glitter woman!?"

"A magical unicorn never gives away her secret powers..." I smirked and took out a baked potato and started munching on it.

He gave me the wtf look, "Okay, I'm not gonna question that."

"Yeah don't." I said taking out a bag of chips and eating that.

"Whaaaa???" He looked at me surprised.

"What's wrong?" I asked innocently taking out a Dr. Pepper and drinking it.

"I'm incredibly weirded out so I'm gonna walk out of here while giving you an ugly face."  He stood up and walked away giving me and ugly face.

"I dunno what's wrong with him." I said to myself while eating Pringles.
Sorry for the short one. It's fair since the other one was long. Love ya all! ❤️

Bye! 🦄

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