Chapter 49 (Final Chapter)

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I'm so sad but this is the end of it. It makes me so emotional because I'm too attached to this story and this might sound kinda lame but it's the only thing I hold onto since the loss of our dearest Camren. Anyway, credits to the brilliant author. She did an amazing job with this story and I admire her a lot.

So here it is. Feel free to cry.

„Babe, are you sure this is the right way?“

My eyes wandered to the side, looking at the younger woman in the passenger seat who was sighing deeply. Ever since Camila and I had landed in Italy a week ago, we were doing a little road trip with the SUV we had rented at the airport. It was our plan to explore the coastline for the first week before we would drive up to the beach house we had also leased. A week of road tripping wasn’t enough for my taste but we didn’t want to overdo it and risk anything with me becoming too exhausted.

That was the reason we had decided to do a two-week stop at the beach house and let me regain some more strength. I was definitely holding up well. But being on the road wasn’t new to me considering I had been on tour off and on for ten years.

“Yes, I am sure. Stop asking me that”, Camila muttered and shot me a look.

“Well, I’m sorry but the last time you were sure, we ended up in the middle of nowhere because you were holding the map upside down”, I reminded my wife with a mild chuckle.

“There wouldn’t have been a need for me to read a map if you had gotten a GPS like a normal person”, she responded quickly.

“I thought it would be more exciting and adventurous this way…more fun”, I explained my decision to use a map.

“Where’s the fun in getting lost and you nagging me about it?”, the light-haired one pouted now.

“I didn’t mean to be nagging you, I’m sorry”, I apologized and looked to my side for a quick second before focusing on the highway in front of me again. “Don’t be so grumpy though”, I added knowingly.

“I’m hungry!”, she exclaimed dramatically as if she hadn’t eaten in ages and wanted to justify her grumpy tendencies that surfaced simultaneously with the feeling of  severe hunger.

“You’re always hungry”, I laughed endeared and shook my head. “I’m scared of what’s going to happen once you’re pregnant.”

“If you want little Camila’s and little Lauren’s, you will have to deal with it”, Camila replied in a more playful tone.

“Well, that’s a small price to pay then”, I gave back more softly and saw a sign that we were approaching a small city. “But what do you say we make a stop to get some breakfast so you’ll feel better?”

“Sounds perfect”, the husky voice sounded more upbeat at the prospect of food instantly. “Ugh, Italian radio sucks”, she complained and I knew she was just being moody because she hadn’t eaten yet.

“Sing something for me then. I miss your voice anyway”, I admitted and also wanted her to lighten up even more which music always did.

“What do you mean, you miss it? You hear my voice all the time”, Camila questioned confused.

“Not your singing voice”, I elaborated while meeting her gaze shortly and smiling genuinely.

“Alright”, she finally smiled as well. “What do you want to hear?”

“Anything. Just whatever comes to mind”, I said and braced myself for what was to come. I loved hearing Camila sing. She wasn’t singing as much as she used to and part of me missed it. I knew it wasn’t her profession anymore but her passion was still there. Maybe it was only buried somewhere and needed a little push to come up again. And I gladly gave her that push.

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