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Hey there Wattpad! It's almost the end of 2017 and we've had quite the exciting year on this little orange planet we all call home. At Wattpad HQ, we were really curious what our lovely Wattpad community has been up to this past year, so we decided to look into our vault of numbers. What we found was both surprising and not(!) and we wanted to share with you the biggest trends, interesting genres, and more with you as a thank you for being such a beautiful part of our daily lives.

This year you, our dear Wattpadders, were obsessed with steamy werewolf stories featuring your favorite alphas, betas and lunas; post-apocalyptic worlds overrun by zombies and disease; and of course anything with BTS or up-and-coming phenoms Why Don't We. You also loved stories that encouraged social change, acts of kindness, and diversity in fiction, with readers and writers alike flocking to stories about characters that stood up against bullying, embraced their sexuality, or gave a voice to PoC.

Which just makes us think - it's only a matter of time before someone ships Jonah Marais and Jungkook as two werewolves battling an army of zombies, right? (Or maybe not, but the best thing about the crazy, wonderful world of Wattpad is that anything is possible!)

With a similar flare, Ashleigh Gardner, the Head of Partnerships here at Wattpad Studios, summed up the year by saying: "2017 was a year of empathy and awareness on Wattpad, as people embraced diversity and inclusion on the platform. Stories have the power to connect people from all walks of life and empower different voices, and we're thrilled to see the global Wattpad community using stories as a way to make the world a better place for everyone."

So what were some of the other top Wattpad Community trends of 2017? Here's just a quick snapshot of Wattpad's hottest tags, newest obsessions, and boldest, breakout voices:

#NoMoreBullying: The global Wattpad Community has always been a positive, open, and accepting space for storytellers and story-lovers everywhere, but in 2017 Wattpadders spread that positivity like never before! The tag #NoMoreBullying was added to millions of stories this year, and writers focused on everything from empowerment to selflessness to small acts of incredible courage. A community favourite was 's , which wasn't just about magicians and bullying; it was also about fighting back against body shaming, celebrating people of colour, and empowering readers of every gender and sexuality. The story has more than one million reads today, and has doubtlessly inspired people all around the world.

Finding Diversity and Inclusion in Every Genre: 2017 saw a huge rise in popularity of Fantasy and Science Fiction stories featuring a diverse main cast. Stories tagged #PoC in both categories had an average of 4.8 million reading minutes each month in 2017, amounting to an 84% growth in reading time for genre stories with diverse characters. But diversity and inclusion were also a major trend across all of our categories this year: every month, stories with diversity tags such as #PoC, #Diversity, #DiverseLit, #FreetheLGBT and #LGBTQ+ reached an average of 30 million reading minutes.

Wattpad as a Second Screen: Wattpadders love engaging with popular TV franchises, expanding their universes and taking characters and plots into new directions. When shows like Riverdale, Game of Thrones, and Stranger Things released new seasons this year, Wattpad exploded with all kinds of fan content from imagines to preferences to fanfiction. Riverdale did stand out as a clear favourite, with millions of reading minutes each month, but Stranger Things was also hugely popular this fall after the much-anticipated release of the show's second season.

Boy Bands and Breakouts: Trends across the global Wattpad community always hint at the next big thing in pop culture, and 2017 was no different. One of the biggest breakouts in music this year was the up-and-coming boy band Why Don't We. The group's popularity skyrocketed on Wattpad this year after stories featuring the band went viral late this summer.

Reading and Writing LGBTQ+: #FreetheLGBT was a popular movement on Wattpad this year, with an average of 13 million reading minutes a month spent on stories with this tag! With the goal of increasing the number of prominent LGBTQ+ characters in fiction, stories with this tag surged after Pride Month as Wattpad writers took up the cause, adding over 2,500 new story uploads in July and doubling the number of monthly uploads from earlier in the year. One of the breakout examples from this movement was 's , an LGBTQ-led superhero story that was among the top titles in Action this year, drawing more than 2 million reading minutes.

Zombies Are Forever: True to their nature, zombies (and stories about them!) never die. Zombie stories are perennially popular on Wattpad, with horror and sci-fi fans devouring stories about zombies and the zombie apocalypse throughout 2017. by was the most popular zombie story of the year, with more than 600,000 reads since January.

Lycanthropy Stays Strong: Werewolves remained one of the most hair-raising trends of 2017, popular with readers all around the world. Stories featuring werewolves are becoming so popular that they've created their own category, combining narrative elements across a variety of genres from horror to romance and beyond.

Wattpadders LOVE K-Pop: Readers in Latin America were the some of the biggest readers and writers of K-Pop stories throughout 2017. In January, Latin American users shared 12,000 K-Pop story uploads, and by July that number had jumped to 21,000 story uploads across the region. For English readers, monthly K-Pop reading time exceeded 50 million minutes for the first time this year!

As we move towards 2018, we think back on all the highs of 2017 and thank you for making it such a positive year! You have given space to bold new voices, supported diversity in all its forms, and created countless wonderful and unique stories. We are honored to work with such a creative and dedicated community of readers and writers, and we're excited to see all the new stories and trends that rise out of the new year. See you in 2018!

- The Wattpad HQ team

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