Chapter 13: Thank you

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"Perhaps home is not a place

but simply an irrevocable condition."

James Baldwin

And then Emma closed the door behind her, cutting off her only possible escape.

Well she thought in exhaustion here we go.

 A steaming cup of tea was staring back at Lily from her hands

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A steaming cup of tea was staring back at Lily from her hands. The vapour was getting in her eyes as she was contemplating from above if drowning in it was a good idea. An exact copy of her was looking back in the little light brown circle, her eyes filled with worry about the discussion no doubt would arise in a few moments. She could feel the tickle of the clock and the heavy breathing of the people in the room and the thickness in the air that could be cut with a knife.

Someone cleared the throat in an attempt to catch her attention from her musing.

In front of her, beyond the table, stood Zack with arm crossed in front of him and a giant scowl in his usually relaxed face. Behind him there was Mattia, who looked torn between confusion and apprehension and continued to shift his gaze on Lily to Zack's back.

David, also behind the blond, appeared strangely amused by the situation and Victor was sat on a chair, seeming to analysing an interesting spot on the table, his tea forgotten on his hand.

Seiko and Emma were sat at her sides, with steaming cups of tea also in front of them.

No one was saying anything, all of them just waiting for the one who would first pat the giant elephant in the dining room, that was obviously watching the situation, maybe even chewing some popcorn in sadistic pleasure.

"So..." Emma said, trying to break the silence.

"What in the hell happened in that blazed gym?" asked Zack in anger. His hazel eyes were shining under the dim light, almost glowing. When Lily looked into them, she saw a flicked of purple from the bond with his dragon.

"I don't know" Lily replied honestly. And it was the truth, she didn't remember anything else, save the gratifying punch and the horrible feeling it had brought with him. Now, all she felt was shame, shame for her action and short temper. Shame because she felt she had disappointed them.

"I saw you two talking" said Seiko with a gentle voice "what did she say?"

Lily looked at her friend, in her black eyes who were also now sporting flicker of light blue in the splinter, the same that were on Neit, her beautiful white dragon. Seiko was looking at her in kind, no judgment and in comprehension. She wasn't angry and she felt something akin to relief in watching in her warm eyes.

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