New years special!!

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H a r r y.

They sat in the fanciest restaurant in town. Harry had ordered the nicest wine for the occasion. He was in a fairly good mood, for he had merged his company with a major client that he had been working with for months.

He had almost given up hope, thinking the client wasn't going through with the buy. He was so ecstatic for the news that he took the rest of his day off work and went straight home just so he could take Bay out for a nice dinner.

She was excited too. Anything that made Harry happy made her happy. Things went better for everyone when they went Harry's way. It was Harry's way or no way most of the time.

Harry watched Bay intently as her eyes wondered every direction. It made his blood boil slightly at the thought that he's not the center of attention. He was even more upset once he realized that Bay was probably the center of attention to anyone else.

She looked amazing tonight and Harry wanted nothing more than to properly fuck her, but that couldn't happen just yet. He cleared his throat to get her attention. She smiled, a small blush coating her cheeks. "Sorry," she whispers as she looks back down to her food.

She picks at it mostly. Although this was probably the best food in town she just wasn't that hungry. Her mind wondered to other things, things like the events that may happen after dinner.

After all of this time Bay never got tired of Harry. They had been together for years and yet every moment together was like their first. She studied Harry's features as he ate.

His hair had grown out quite long since his last hair cut and she didn't mind for some reason. It was probably the longest she had ever seen it. Crows feet began to peek at the corner of his eyes and his laugh lines had suddenly become prominent. He was beautiful to say the least.

"Bay," he warned. "Stop staring and eat your food. I want to see an empty plate."

She smiles to herself, eating some of her food but picking at most of it again. Harry finished before her but sat quietly as she continues picking. "Harry, I'm ready to go home," she whines quietly. She doesn't make direct eye contact, knowing that Harry was giving her a death glare.

"Bay," he warns once again.

She slips off her heels under the table, tickling Harry's upper leg softly with her foot. "Please, daddy?" She asks innocently, finally looking into his beautiful green eyes.

He huffs quietly as his pants become tighter. "Oh, you are so in trouble," he replies. His cheeks are a light pink because he's flustered and it makes Bay happy to know that she caused that.

She barely had her shoe back on before Harry was dragging her out of the restaurant by her wrist. He left the waiter more than enough money to pay for the bill and tip. She giggles to herself as they exit the restaurant. "I'm not sure why you're laughing, your ass is grass," he growls, practically shoving her in the car. Her smile faltered for only a moment because she knew they wouldn't make it out of the parking lot with their clothes on.


Not edited!! Decided to post something for New Years! Hope you enjoy.

Sorry it's short I didn't have time to write much! Love you guys!!

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