10: Complications

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"Jungkook," Hoseok mumbles, peering into the camera lens and shifting the focus slightly. "Move your arm out of the way. You're covering your tattoo."

With a long suffering sigh, Jungkook lifts his arm and drapes it over your shoulder, letting his hand hang loosely across your back.

"Better?" he asks, to which Hoseok holds up an okay sign. It's only been about ten minutes since you started taking pictures, but you're already tired of it.

Why is something like this taking so long?

Hoseok is obviously a perfectionist. He's fiddled with the lighting and shadows, changed the angle of your embrace three times, and keeps on scampering over to fix Jungkook's jeans, which are slowly but surely edging down to show his underwear.

The awkward positioning that you and Jungkook are hovering in makes your back ache from arching forward, and you keep shifting your weight from leg to leg in an attempt to avoid resting on his thigh to relive your back.

Said tattoo artist, on the other hand, looks unfazed for the most part. Other than the initial deep eye contact between the two of you, you've been avoiding meeting the other's gaze. It's obvious that you and Jungkook are trying your best to ignore the obvious physical attraction electrified by distinct dislike.

Do you like Jungkook as a person?


If you happened to stumble upon him with no shirt on and big warm doe eyes gazing down at you, would you jump his bones?


That, all in itself, is making you even more irritated with him.

Jungkook seems torn between amusement and orneriness at your situation. He keeps on rotating through bouts of mocking teasing and piercing glares, making your head spin.

Does he want to make fun of you or chunk you out the window? You can't decide.

"Almost done guys," Hoseok says distractedly. "Just a little longer. Jungkook, could you-"

"Got it." He removes his arm from your shoulder and hooks a finger in his belt loop, hiking up his pants. When he returns to the pervious position, Jungkook allows his fingers to capture a strand of your hair.

He twirls it around his long fingers lightly.

Since that action feels like an effort to draw your attention, you keep your eyes fixedly pointed at Hoseok, staring the camera down to avoid the man with his arms around you.

"Hey," Jungkook says. "Y/N."

Nope. No person on the planet has ever felt the same amount of intensity that is shooting out of your eyes and into the camera lens. You don't want to look at him.

You don't want to want him.

"Hey," he says again. There's a spark of a raspy growl in his voice, showcasing his irritation. He pulls a little harder on your hair. "Don't ignore me."

"You're a hoe," you mumble under your breath, wincing at his hand pressing down harder on the small of your back so you tilt toward him.

"I heard that," says the black-headed man. "And I'm not a hoe. You're a hoe."

"I'm not the one who draws on naked lady parts for a living. You're the hoe," you respond, still with rocket-laser focus on Hoseok and the camera.

Over to the side, you hear Jin's off-handed whisper to Jimin. "Why do they look like they're about to explode? Is there some kind of history here that I don't know about?"

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