Chapter XXII

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"Is everyone here already?" Byulyi said finding a table for them in the restaurant to have their breakfast.

"Jennie isn't here yet. When we woke up, she wasn't in her bed." Wendy said.

"Jennie Kim, present! Missed me already?" Jennie said. She sat next to Lisa and greeted everyone 'Good morning.'

The waiter came to list down their orders. While waiting for their breakfast to be served, they all have their own world especially the couples.

"Hey, are you okay?" Mina asked and lift up Jisoo's chin. She noticed that Jisoo is quited down today.

"Yup. I think I just woke up at wrong side of the bed. Don't worry." Jisoo said and caress Mina's cheek.

Jennie, on the other hand, seeing those two all lovey dovey. She let out a sigh.

"Although it hurts, I'll be the first to say that I was wrong~" Lisa is back again with the teasing.

"I know I'm probably much too late to try and apologize for my mistakes~" Rosé continued. Jennie just threw a tissue on them.

"We love you, Jennie unnie." Chaelisa said giving Jennie a peace sign.

"Excuse me ladies. Who ordered Gelatin?" The waiter asked.

"Me!" Yeri said and the waiter gave her the food.

"Oh Jelly Jelly~ Oh Jelly jelly~" Yeri sang a bit of TWICE's Jelly Jelly while looking at Jennie.

"Aish these maknaes giving me headache." Jennie mumbled.

They had their breakfast done. And they went back to their cottages to wear their swimsuits.

"Put on a rashguards first, we're going to play beach volleyball." Seulgi said. And everyone gets excited.

They met in the place where there's a net for volleyball. The others who'll not play will facilitate the game.

People who belong to Team 1 is Jennie, Byul, Lisa and Wendy. Their opponents are Jisoo, Mina, Joy and Seulgi.

Irene blew the whistle signalling the game has started.

Wendy served the ball and easily dug up by Jisoo. Seulgi then set the ball to Mina and she spikes it all the way. No one on Team 1 received the ball.

1 point from Team 2.

Jisoo went to the serving line. She threw the ball up and made a jump serve. Luckily Lisa received it up, Byul set it to Jennie. Jennie jumped to spike the ball but Mina was there to block. Point again from Team 2.

The game goes by and Team 2 is up by a set.
Every point, the team huddles. Jennie's looking to the other team. Every time they huddle, Jisoo and Mina hugged to celebrate the point.

And Jennie has to admit, she's jealous. She wanted to be in Mina's position right now.

Jennie's team is up by a point on this set, Joy served the ball and was bumped up by Wendy, Byulyi tossed it up to Jennie. Jennie jumped higher and spiked it hard.

"Mina!" Jisoo shouted as the ball landed on the japanese girl's face.

All of them went to Mina to check if the girl is alright.

"Don't mind me guys. I'm fine." Mina said in such low voice.

"DID YOU DO THAT ON PURPOSE?!" Jisoo said attacking Jennie.

Mina held Jisoo's hand trying to calm her down.

"Jisoo, please calm down. It was an accident. It's not her fault." Mina said stopping Jisoo from hurting Jennie.

"But the ball landed in your face so hard. You must be hurt right now." Jisoo said.

"It slightly hurts but I'm okay. Let that slide." Mina said.

"Hey, Mina. I'm sorry." Jennie said.

"Don't be. I know you didn't purposely do that." Mina smiled and Jennie just nodded.

Solar clapped her hand and said, "The game is over. No one won. Let's go swimming!"

The rest cheered to lighten up the mood. Everyone went to the beach and swim except Mina and Jisoo.

Mina's head still aches and Jisoo insisted to accompany the latter.

"You should go and apologize to Jennie later. For shouting at her." Mina said while playing with Jisoo's fingers.

"No." Jisoo said.

"Come on, Jisoo. It wasn't her fault. We were playing, there are tendencies that unintentional incidents might occur." Mina said.

"Fine. I'll do it just for you." Jisoo leans on Mina's shoulder and watching her friends enjoying at the beach.

"Go and swim. Just leave me here, I'll just watch you."

"No, I'll not let you stay here alone."

"Don't be a kill joy. Go and have fun with your friends out there. I'm fine here. Okay?" Mina said.

Jisoo can't do anything but to obey Mina. She went to the beach and joined the others.

Mina went to the beach chaises and lay down there. The weather is perfect for sunbathing. She wore her sunglasses and put on her earphones.

In the middle of her sunbathing, Yeri is tugging her chairs lightly that 'cause her to wake up.

"Mina unnie, mina unnie! Jisoo unnie drowned. Come on." Yeri said breathing heavily.

Mina removes her earphones and sungalsses quickly and ran to the seashore. When she got there, Jennie is currently giving her a mouth to mouth resuscitation. She went to Jisoo's side.

Jisoo's now back to her consciousness and throwing up all the water she drunk because of her drowning.

"Thank you, Jennie."

Mina looked at the two.

"They really looked together."

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