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Naruto's POV

  It's been 7 years since i gived birth to my one and only sky. Sky has his father's black hair and pale skin while he has his mothers blue azure eyes and 3 wiskers on both his cheeks. He is now going to school as a 1st grader.

I have a job as a waiter in a restuarant but it's really hard to earn money because most of my costumers are very picky, they always complain that our service are slow and everytime they complain my boss always decreases my daily pay which make it worst because there is this guy that always comes here and complains that i dont deserve to work here.

Everyday this guy comes here and claims that our service is slow until my boss decided to fire me.


  Sky is very intelligent, the reason why he got picked at a science school. He does'nt have to pay the whole tuition fee because of his scholarship but still we need to pay half of the tuition which is still very expensive.

I got fired on my job so i can't afford to enter him at the school he always wanted. " Mom you dont need to pay that much if you can't afford i can always go to a public school if i want to ?" Sky said trying to make me feel better. I just smiled at him and hugged him tightly.

  "Mom can't breath" sky said trying to catch his breath. "Oh !? sky your so addorable" i said to sky before pulling out of the hug. Sky just smiled then asked "oh yeah mom, you said you can't afford my new school right ? what if we go back to japan, you told me that you can earn more money if you work there". "For my son's future, sure if thats what my angel wants" i answerd and pulled him into a tight hug again.


  We are packing for our trip to japan. " sky are you done yet " i yelled at him at the entrance of our house. " comming mom " he shouted back, after a minute he came running down the stairs with his pack. " lets go mom" sky shouted".


  After a tiring trip we finally arrive in japan. I called for a taxi to ride as home. After 5min we had finally got a taxi.

We arrived on a 2 storey building. " is this our house? " sky asked " why, yes don't you like it " i said. " liked it ? I love it mom" sky said before hugging me " i'm glad " i just answerd back.

We started to unpack our things then started to clean the house.

" So mom, who owns this house? why is it full of antic stuff" sky asked while cleaning one of the antic chairs. " well, when your grandmother kushina was still alive she loves to collect antic stuffs like chairs tables and others, but your grandfther minato does'nt like buying her antic stuffs because it is very expensive, but because of their love with one another your grandfather buys her all the stuffs your grandmother like.

" oh... I see " sky said with his face satisfied from what he learned.

  " Mom about that love thingy between granny and grampa, you did'nt mentioned anything about my father, how he looks like, how he left..." sky got shocked from what he just said and noticed her mom face down with slight tears escaping." Im sorry mom i did'nt mean to..." sky was cut off.

" It's okay sky, your already big enough to know about your so called father " i explained.


  " your father is a very handsome man, has pale skin, has those dark onyx eyes, and has those black stylish hair that i adore so much " i ottered while tears begun to fall from my cheeks." Mom it's okay you don't have to..." i cut him off again " no! You should know how we met, how we break up".

  "We actually love each other very much but because of that thing that happened it all shattered to pieces". I said when i saw sky's face worried about me i hugged him tightly and said " it's ok sky, i'm now happy with just you by my side"." I love you mom, i will never hurt you like what daddy did" he said while crying on my chest.

  " ok let me finish my story first" i ottered before pulling out from the hug." I went to the hospital to have my check up because i vomitted that morning without any reasons and that is when they told me i was pregnant. I was also shocked from the news because all i know is that only female can give birth, but as i was going to your fathers office i soon realised and remembered that a demon fox was sealed in me which has an unknown gender which is why i can be pregnant. I was now approaching your fathers office i started to hear sounds of pleasure i did'nt want to think negative so i brushed it off my mind and silently open the door and there i saw your father with my best friend, you know doing stuff that you should'nt know with your age. With what i saw i just left, he tried to follow me but told him not to or i'll do something unexpected so there he stopped following me. I was really angry from what he did so i went to a liqouir shop and got drunk it was very late at night so the manager sent me home. I was driving very fast when suddenly...bang!!!.I woke up in a bed full of white walls, white curtains and with your fathers brother assiting me, a week passed and there i got out of the hospital and we moved in america and that is how your father and me separated" i said then he again hugged me "don't worry mom i'll always be here for you".i then hugged him back and pat his back
" i love you sky " i mummbled.

  We continued to clean and called it a day.

And there you go the second chapter hope you enjoyed reading it....

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