The Island

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I was sitting at the meeting table, deep in thought about the mission we had just got back from.

The mission had gone terribly to put it short. Some maniac had released a bunch of monstrocities in the ocean and they randomly appeared to attack people, but we did find evidence that there would be a huge attack. They had been barely penetrated by bullets, electricity did nothing, and Wanda's abilities were the only thing that seemed to stop them other than brute strength.

I stared at the table in deep thought, maybe she could help...

Wanda looked at me, "What are you thinking brother?" she asked me, a few pairs of eyes turned to look at me.

"I was thinking about her," Wanda nodded her head in understanding.

"Who's her?" Tony asked with a smirk.

I rolled my eyes at him. "She was an experiment like us," I told him as I sipped the water that was on the table.

More eyes turned on us, "Is she still alive?" Steve asked, concerned.

I shrugged, "They took her and the others like her to some island to let them be free,"
Wanda nodded her head in agreement.

"Where's the island?"

I shrugged, I didn't know exactly where it was, "It was very nice there, the water was blue. It was very hot though,".

Wanda nodded her head, she'd gone there with me. "How big was the island?" Natasha asked.

"It... was not very large, but it was not small either," I told her.

"The flowers were pretty." Wanda added, she had liked the big red ones that were there.

"What did the plants look like? We could try to find the island." Bruce said, he looked eager.

I was unsure, "I do not think you want to find the island," I told them as Wanda started making pictures of the plants with her abilities.

"Why not? Don't you want to find her?" Clint asked, he looked a little incredulous.

"The island is very dangerous, and there is no where to really keep her," Wanda seemed to realize that too and the plants disappeared.

"Piet, there could be somewhere to keep her," she sounded hopeful.

"What is she?" Natasha asked, eyes turned to her, "You talk about her like she's not human." Natasha told us.

We nodded, "She was an experiment from the more... experimental part of HYDRA."

Natasha looked like she was scanning me with her eyes, "Then what is she?"

I sighed, "She is a dinosaur," I told her.

Tony laughed and so did Clint, when they noticed that neither Wanda or I were laughing, they realized I was serious.

Wanda made an image of her, a much smaller version about a foot tall. "She's a fucking t-rex?"

After almost two months of Bruce, JARVIS, Tony, Wanda and I trying to identify the island, Bruce was sure we'd found it.

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