Eli & Aeryn: Twenty Seven

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A: "I never really thanked you properly."

E: "For gracing you with my awesome presence?"

A: "I-"

E: "For brightening your days with my mere existence?"

A: "Eli-"

E: "For always-"

A: "I won't be thanking you for anything if you don't shut your face."

E: "Yes, ma'am."

A: "...I just mean that before we were forced to work together, I literally didn't have any friends."

E: "That is true."

A: "Shut up."

E: "Okay."

A: "I was really alone, and although I was an ass to you, you still tried talking to me."

E: "Such hard work."

A: "..."

E: "Okay, I'll be quiet!"

A: "Not only did you give me your friendship, but you introduced me to your other friends and now I'm not alone at all, I'm happy."

E: "..."

A: "I don't know if we would have become friends if it weren't for that project, but knowing you and having your friendship means the world to me. You're the best person I know."

E: "True."

A: "..."

E: "What?"

A: "I just gave you a heartfelt speech about how much I treasure our friendship and your reply is 'true?'

E: "I'm just kidding."

A: "You better be."

E: "You are the best thing that has happened to me for a long time, Aeryn. You are the best person I know."

A: "True."

E: "Infuriating girl."

A: "Egotistical boy."

E: "With good reason."

A: "I don't think so."

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