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Chapter 01

- Mia White -

When the plane finally landed, Ben and Sarah practically ran outside. They both hated travelling in the air and would much rather go on road trips. Levi rolled his eyes as he saw his brother kiss the ground. Walking outside the plane, I was hit with the warmth of Santorini.

The sun shone brightly as the warmth of Santorini enveloped around us. Standing a few feet away were - as Ace informed me - a few body guards ready to take our bags and drive us to one of Ace's many family estates.

After ten months of stress due to exams, essays, and people, it was more than a relief to finally relax and not have to worry every waking moment. It was the best feeling in the world, and what better way to have a stress-free vacation than in Greece?

"I keep forgetting how rich you are," I murmured, causing Ace to laugh.

Upon seeing his estate, I couldn't help but gawk are it. It was beautiful, both inside and out. Tall, white walls that reached three stories high, with a decor of black stonewalls, contrast to the white. The inside lit beautiful due to the sun shining through the various windows, and not to mention the large pool that looked over the island. While Ace was taking to the man who had been taking care of the estate while his family was gone, we were free to do whatever we wanted. Of course, Sarah had choses a room to get settled in while Levi, Ben and I explored the house.

This mansion had everything; a rec room, theatre, a library, basketball court, game room, a freaking bowling ally. And we were only on the first floor! Deciding to head back and pick a room, we walked around the house trying to find the spare rooms. It took a few minutes of bickering and walking around it circles before we reached our destination. There were enough rooms for everyone, and of course Ben chose the room closest to the kitchen.

"What if I wake up in the middle of the night and I'm hungry? At least I won't have to walk that far to get to the kitchen!"

It wasn't a surprise that Ace said we'd be sharing a room. He did, however, say that he'd sleep on the couch if it made me uncomfortable. Just as a joke, I agreed with the idea of him sleeping alone for a while.

He frowned, but didn't complain as he nodded his head sadly.

For the first day, we all decided we'd split up. It would be me and Sarah while the guys did whatever they wanted. Ace, acting like a worried parent, told me to be safe and if anything went wrong, I was to call him immediately. He kept going on and on until Ben and Jacob finally pried him away off of me.

"Damn, he's way too clingy," Sarah sighed. "But at least he cares are you. Why can't I find a guy like him!"

I laughed. "Don't worry Sarah. There's someone out there for you. Maybe you'll meet him here."

"Maybe," she smiled. "You and I should go to the spa today. We're probably going to spend the whole day with the guys tomorrow, so today may be the only girl time we have."

I agree with Sarah, and with her being familiar with the place, she lead me to one of the spas she and her mother went to. When we saw the option for the couple's massage, Sarah smirked teasing me about how I should bring Ace here before we leave. I doubt he'll come though.

It'll ruin his 'masculinity.'

The woman who led us to our room told us that before we laid down on the bed, we had to remove our clothes. It wasn't awkward to remove my clothes since Sarah and I have been to a spa together in the past. Usually, we'd be in separate rooms, but sometimes we'd do it together so we could talk.

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