Chapter XXIV

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"Ahhhhhhhh!" Jennie shouted out of frustration and threw the pebble unto the beach.

She then picked another pebble and threw it again with full force. She sat on the sand and broke down.

Mina, who is just meters away from her, looked at the girl with pity. "She's so broken." she said to herself.

Mina kicked some pebbles to catch the other girl's attention and she succeeded when Jennie was a bit startled and turned her face to Mina.

Jennie stood up, walked closer to her and grabbed Mina's collar.

"What are you doing here?! Are you happy seeing me miserable?!" Jennie said. Obviously drunk because of her behavior.

Mina was about to say something when a fist landed on her face. She cupped her lips that is now bleeding because of the punch from Jennie.

"That was painful. It's my first time to see a cat punching a penguin. Take a chill pill, will you?" Mina joked and Jennie frowned.

Jennie was a bit ashamed because of her actions. She thought Mina would fight back, but she didn't. She was so calm.

"Here's a drink. Calm your tits, kitten." Mina handed her a drink and she gladly took it and she drank.

Jennie is weirded by Mina's actions.

"Yah! You should be angry with me." Jennie said.

"Why should I? Because you punched me? C'mon. I can clearly understand what you feel right now."

"I know you're regretful and frustated. But do you think punching someone, throwing pebbles on the beach can make her go back to you? I think the fuck no." Mina said.

Jennie was confused.

"Why are you telling me that? Why don't you get angry on me knowing what I did on Jisoo." Jennie said.

"Getting angry with you is unreasonable enough. But I'm just disappointed. You took away that genuine smile on Jisoo's face." Mina took a sip from her drink.

"And why are you advising me to make an effort to get back Jisoo?" Jennie asked.

"It's not that I want to give her to you or whatever but I want to play fair. Jisoo and I aren't yet together. I'm willing to do everything just to bring back her genuine smile." Mina said.

"You're in an advantage."

"I earned it." Mina winked.

"Don't you remember me?" Mina asked.

"Huh?" Jennie said.

"I was your childhood friend in the US. Who stood up against my bullies." Mina said reminiscing their childhood days. Though Mina encountered Jennie many times already, she just remembered that Jennie was her childhood friend during their stay here. Puberty did change them.

"The fuck. You're that kid who's obsessed with ketchup?!" Jennie gasped.

"The one and only." Mina smiled.

"Small world, indeed." They both said in unison.

"What happened to you and your childhood sweetheart? Chaengie. I kinda missed that tiger cub." Jennie asked.

Mina held her heart and looked down. Every single day, she thanks Son Chaeyoung. Chaeyoung gave her a gift that she'll carry all throughout her life.


Young Mina and Chaeyoung (10 years old.)

"Why did Jennie leave us all of a sudden?" Chaeyoung pouted.

"She needs to go to Korea. Their family originally came from that country. She'll be with us someday." Mina explained.

"You know what Minari. When we grow up, I want to be with you. We may be still children but I already imagined my life with you."

Mina blushed.

"Yah! We're still kids. You should imagine yourself with a guy." Mina said.

"But, but I hate guys." Chaeyoung said.

"Don't imagine yourself in the future with me, I might not reach that age because of the condition of my heart." Mina said.

Mina was born with a tiny hole in her heart. As she grew older, the hole in her heart gets bigger.


One time, Mina decided to go to the playground. She went to Chaeyoung's house first but no one was there. When she's near at the playground, an ambulance and police cars were there.

She took steps closer to the scene. And then she hears a crying lady getting inside the ambulance. She recognized that lady.

It was Chaeyoung's mom. And when she took a glance on who is lying on the stretcher, it was her tiger cub, Chaeyoung, covered with lots of her own blood.

She felt a pang in her chest. Tears started to stream on her face. Her breathing didn't seem so normal.

She felt dizzy, and after a few seconds, everything went black.


Mina woke up. White walls, white ceiling, there were tubes inserted unto her. And she also hears a beeping sound coming from the machine.

She's in hospital.

When her mother noticed she's woken up, she immediately called the doctor. The doctor came and you could tell in his expression that something is up.

"Mina need to go under a heart transplant as soon as possible. Her heart is weak now."

"We already found a donor. We'll schedule the surgery according to your will." The doctor said and left.

"Mina, did you hear what the doctor said? You need to undergo surgery, you're a fighter, right?" Her mom said.

Mina wanted to live longer, for her family and for Chaeyoung, so without hesitation, she agreed. And they scheduled the transplant two days from now.

Days passed. Mina finally woke up after having the transplant. The doctors successfully made the operation without complications. She feels weird having a new heart. A healthy one.

"Doc, may I know who's my saviour? The one who donored her heart to replace mine." Mina asked after the doctor checked her up.

"It was from a brain dead patient named Son Chaeyoung."

End of flashback.

Mina wiped her tears and stood up. Jennie was shocked. After all this time, she never knew her friend died in an accident.

"It's late. We need to head back to our cottage. May we not hold grudges with each other on who will Jisoo choose in the near future."


Their 4 days and 3 nights stay in Maldives have ended. They spent their remaining days doing island hopping, snorkeling and other water activities.

Mina and Jisoo are on the way to Jisoo's house now. Mina's driving right now.

"I noticed you and Jennie got closer." Jisoo started a conversation.

"It happened that she was my childhood friend way back in the states." Mina said awkwardly.

"Oh. Small world, huh?" Jisoo said.

"Uh yeah, indeed."

"Funny how destiny plays."

"I love you. Always remember that." Mina said. She took Jisoo's hand and kissed it.


That Mina-Chaeyoung story just got on my head before I publish the original Chapter 24. I don't know if you like it or not.

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