Visit and Jealousy

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+Red Army Base+

It was just another day at the base a few days after the new soldiers were accepted into the base. Those pass few days were really surprising to them, to say the least, but they were getting used to the system that was going on there.

Tom is in his office going over next week's paperwork while Tomi is on the couch playing coloring on some black sheets of paper.


Raising a brow, Tom stops writing and pulls his side drawer open. The black bag he keeps his hand size mirror in is moving a little. The man pulls the back out to pull out the mirror.


Tamara is there in the glass where his reflection should be with an annoyed expression. "Tom, I have a favor to ask..."

"Did something happen between to you and little miss Red Leader?"

The women on the other side cross her arms and huffs, "I don't wanna talk about it right now Tom."

Tom just shrugs his shoulder and gets out of his seat to prepare for Tamara's arrival.

While he does that, the brunette calls her little monster over so she can hold her while they're being transported to Tom's side of the mirror.

"Come on now Tami."

Tami gets up from the floor where she's drawing to run over to her mama. In her hands, she holds a folded piece of paper.

Tamara picks her little girl up, going to her desk to stand up on top of it. She holds the mirror over her head, "We're ready over here Tom."

"I'm ready for you two over here as well," Tom replies after setting his mirror onto the floor. Tomi has stopped drawing too so he could watch what was happening.

Tamara dropped the mirror over herself and Tami, transporting them to Tom's office. While in their world, the mirror falls back on her desk gently.

The two older counterparts give a small smile to each other.


"Hey to you."

The both of them break into a grin and give each other a fist bump.

"It's about time I let Tami meet you in person." Tamara shows the girl in her arms to her boy counterpart. The little girl is staring at Tom with widen voids.

"Wow, you look a lot like Mama, Mister Tom!" Tami eyes practically light up as she reaches her arms over to him. Her mom couldn't help but laugh as she passed her over to her genderbent self.

"Where's your little tyke anyways?" She looks about the room until her eyes land on the little boy on the couch watching them with curiosity. She walks over to the couch and picks Tomi up who squeals in glee.

"Miss Tamara!" Tomi giggles as he is swung around once. He hugs her happy when she finally stops swinging him around playfully.

Tom comes over to them and they all sit on the couch next to each other. Tom sits with Tami on his lap while Tamara has Tomi in her lap. The two little monsters chat up a storm with one another while the adults have their casual conversation.

"Did you guys have something to eat yet? I can get Sadie to whip something up for us."

"If it isn't so much trouble. We kind of left before getting a bit to eat." Tamara says before going to keep the kids busy.

Tom moves Tami to sit on the couch so he could get up. He leaves the office to radio Sadie out in the hall. "Sadie, can you and your team whip up 2 meals about the same size I usually have when I share with Tomi," Tom asks into the radio.

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