Just a kiss?

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Still Haz's POV

My eyes bulged open unable to respond. "L-lou.. w-w-what.." I was unable to say a proper sentence. "Wow." was all he said as if confirming something. "Huh?" was the smart word that I chose to say. I didn't push him off. It felt really good. Better than I've ever kissed another girl. We released each other. Now what caugh me off-guard was that he was still watching me with pure blood rushing to his face. "Uh, I-I gotta go." he mumbled then rushed out of the room without sparing me a glance. Does he feel disgusted?

Louis' POV

Oh BLOODY HELL! THIS IS NOT JUST HAPPENING! THIS IS NOT HAPPENING! I JUST KISSED HIM. I JUST KISSED MY BEST MATE. This is not real. Try breathing Lou. Breathe. Yeah, that's right. Now how am I going to act around him? Act like nothing's  happen, treat it as if it's a joke. No.. no no. I can't face him right now.

I can't face anybody now. "Dinner time!" Liam, Zayn, and Niall called out from the bottom of the staircase. "I'm not hungry!" I shouted back grouchily. "Then I'll have all these carrot dishes for myself." Niall mocked. My eyes then suddenly went into carrot-protection-mode, CPM for short. "NO! MIIIIINNNNNEEEEEE!" I screamed on the top of my lungs, and for some wierd reason I flew there?

"Whoa! How did'ya do that Lou?" Niall asked looking amazed it my whole superman mode. "The power of carrots my dear leprechaun, the power of carrots!" I cheered then practically ran to the kitchen.

Before I even take a bite of the carrot muffin, Harry popped in looking really horrible. His curls was a mess with no sign of ever being combed even if it's just a little, his eyes were all swollen, and his regular orbs were dimmed. He looked pretty much lifeless. "Ha--" he flinched before I can finish calling him.

"C'mere!" Zayn said angrily and practically dragged me to the other room. "What.the.hell happened between you two?" he huffed angrily. "I... I did something. I did something horrid Zayn." I muttered on the brink of tears. He had me by the collar and pinned me to the walls. "What did you do?" he asked looking at me with not a glare but eyes full of concrern. I avoided his stare for a second, and thought how I should come clean. "I.. I ki... kissed Harry." I confessed.

His hands released me within seconds. "You.." he gulped. "You did?' I nodded. "Well." he scratched the back of his neck looking silently at the window trying to think of words to say. "I don't know what to say Lou. Did you like the feeling?" he asked. I nodded again. "It.. It wasn't like kissing El. I.. It's like a volcano erruption... much stronger than fireworks, you know?' He nodded. "Well, if he feels the same.." he whispered awkwardly. "Then I guess ... you should pursue your feelings."  I didn't even have to wait for him to finish, my feet automatically took me to where he was.

When I got there, Niall and Liam looked at me with sad eyes. "Where's... where's Harry?" I asked breathlessly. "He left." was all they could say. "Where and when?" I shouted in urgency. "Just after Zayn dragged you to the other room, and we have no idea where he went!" they responded with a sigh.

I practically ran outside the door while grabbing they keys on the way. I cursed the moment my car was not in the driveway. "Shit.. He took the car." with tears biting my eyes, I quickly ran not caring if I was not on disguise or anything. Before I can even reach a few metres, a familiar car quickly beeped its horn, and Zayn, Li, and Niall waved me in. 

"Lou. He'll be fine." Liam muttered as he drew circles on my back. "B-But... " I sniffed as tears started brimming down. "If he loves you, then he can forgive you." Niall smiled at me. "But how?!" I asked. "Zayn told us." they confessed. I stared at the Bradford Bad Boi, and he shrugged. I couldn't believe he told them. "Well, it's either I tell them, or they'll remain being a miserable twat." Zayn added.

Both Li and Niall looked at me apologetically. "Sorry Mate." they said. I was absolutely mad at them, but my problem now is finding Harry. "So.." I asked "Where exactly is a boy trying to be alone, possibly be in?" They all shrugged. "Not helping!" I shouted. When I spotted a nearby park, I warned Paul to stop.

The trio were about to follow but I stopped them. "I'll look for him here, while you guys search somewhere else." "B---" Liam was about to question me, but I eyed him with despiration, and he nodded. "We'll be back. Just tell us when you see him." he winked, then closed the door.

Now I didn't mention this, but I felt that he was there. I can't explain ... but I just know. I guess the carrots were working to give me like... a 7th sense? [Just saying the 6th sense was flying!] Call it an intuition. 

I looked through every nook and cranny but still no sign of those curls. I was about to give up, but something caught my eye, and a familiar figure facing away from me was quietly staring at the open lake. I approached with caution. Honestly I was going for a 'ninja-swagmasta-silent-fu' mode, but some fan managed to giggle and point in my direction.

"LOUIS! ITS LOUIS TOMLINSON!! OMG!" "IS THAT HARRY STYLES!!?!?" "OMG IT'S LARRY STYLINSON!" Harry then suddenly whipped his head,  to where I was at, and he looked even worse. This time head had fresh tears streaming down his face.

More voices joined the others. Crap, were going to be mobbed. I quickly reached for Harry, and dragged him by the hand and ran faster, and faster till we couldn't run any further. "LOU STOP!" he bellowed from behind. "LOU! STOP!" He called again. When I couldn't hear them anymore. I stopped and to my surprise my whole body just collapsed to the fresh grass.

I gasped for breath. "Are... you.... okay...?" Harry nodded and looked at me confusingly. "What are you doing here Lou?" "What do you mean?" I asked "Why did you look for me? I though you hated me?" he huffed. "Hate you?" I ask while I stared directly into his perfect green eyes.

He nodded as if his resolve was broken down. "How could I... you're my best mate.." I muttered, but it didn't look like it satisfied him. He nods again as if seeing through me. "Then why ... why did you act like that? I thought you hated me." he whispered with an obvious sign that he's about to cry.

I sighed and got up from the ground with his help to hoist me up. "Well actually.." I confessed. "It's the complete opposite. I think I'm in-love with you."  The boy just looked at me as if trying to look for an answer. I simply shrugged and smiled turning my back from him and looking at the still-visible lake. "Me too. I also love you." he whispered to my ear while his hands ensnaked themselves on my waist.

"There they are!" some girl called out. Girls chorused and started running for us. But, of course, with Harry being the smart-one for now, we were already off before they even made a move. We hid behind a bush, and I pecked him on the lips. Darkness then suddenly covered both of us, and we were picked up by strong arms. ARE WE BEING KIDNAPPED?!?!


BOOM! CLIFFHANGER! Can you guess who it is that took them? Well then, you'll have to find out in the next chapter ~!<3


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